15 October 2015

Cheap Ways to Entertain Your Toddler

You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars entertaining your toddler. A few select toys and free attractions will keep them amused for hours. So watch the cents add up as you find new ways to keep your toddler entertained.

Great Outdoors
The great outdoors is a toddler's playground. Full of sounds and scents. There is so much to see in the countryside. Hunt for insects with a magnifying glass. Run through fallen leaves and listen to them rustle. Take tree bark rubbings using colored crayons. Pull on a pair of boots and splash in the puddles. Get back to nature and have fun.

Urban Playground  
City dwellers have noise in abundance to entertain little ones. Flashing lights on the sidewalk. Count cars as they pass by. Explain the warning call of sirens. Read signs aloud. See dogs walking by on leads. Step outdoors and enjoy the surroundings.

Inexpensive Toys
Toddlers love toys. Tactile, noisy, and bright. You want to reward your little one with a toy. What to pick? Toddler toys from Educational Toys Planet ensure your child learns while playing. A few inexpensive items from a toy store will please your toddler. It’ll also provide an additional distraction while exploring the great outdoors.

Play Dates
Children learn through playing with other children. Siblings provide a good source of interaction at home. Expand your toddler’s social circle by arranging play dates. Meet up with other moms and dads. In the park. In a coffee house. At each other’s homes. Keep your toddler entertained in the company of others. Swap toys. Swap stories. Support other parents and allow them to support you. Play dates are a win-win for toddlers and adults alike.
A picture paints a thousand words. Picture books are a great way to introduce your toddler to books. Ignite their love of reading at an early age. Encourage them to pick their own titles. Join a local library and procure your books for free. Swap them regularly to keep your toddler entertained with new stories. Let them turn the pages and watch the story come to life. Point out words and pictures for them to learn. Children like repetition. Re-read the book a few times to see how much they remember.

Swimming Pools
Splash about in a swimming pool with your toddler. Encourage them to submerge their faces in the water. Support them as they explore new surroundings. Introduce waterproof toys and floating aids to enhance their enjoyment. Get them used to the water before they learn to swim. Let them splash around and make lots of noise. Make water fun for them.

Toddlers love noise. The noisier the better! You don’t have to buy instruments. Look around your house for inspiration. A wooden table and enthusiastic fingers! A saucepan and spoon. A bell or a rattle. Make your own maracas with rice in a used tin can. Encourage your toddler to express themselves through sound. Sing nursery rhymes together. Teach them the words and let them take the lead.
These simple ideas will engage your toddler while they learn about the world around them. Do you have any other ideas that aren't listed?

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