09 October 2015

8 Ways to Protect Your Home from Termites

Protecting your home from termites is an absolute must in some cities. Some cities are way more prone to termites than others, but there are other factors that can mean you suffer from them too. Whatever your situation, having termites of any kind is not pleasant. Here are 8 ways you can protect your home from termites:

1. Make Sure all Wooden Items are Not in Contact with the Ground

When you allow wood to come into contact with the ground, you automatically attract termites to your property. If you have wooden elements attached to your home, ensure that there’s something between them and the ground, or that they are at least 6" away. If you don’t, you could be giving the termites direct access to your property!

2. Never Let Moisture Accumulate

Allowing moisture to accumulate is basically inviting the termites in one by one. They thrive off moisture and love the damp, rotting effect it can create on many materials around the home. Fix up any leaks and check both inside and outside of your house.

3. Try Not to Use Mulch

Mulch can hurt your garden in multiple ways, so if you must use it then use it sparingly. If you can help it, avoid it at all costs. Termites really like the way it retains water and they enjoy spending time there. Using this in your garden could mean a quick infestation for you.


4. Have Regular Inspections

If your home is susceptible to termites, then have regular inspections to ensure you’re not developing a problem. Finding problems before they get worse is a really good idea. You can see how likely you are to get termites with a termite infestation probability map. If you’re likely to get them, you should have inspections more often.  

5. Take the Time to Maintain Your Home

If you don’t take the time to maintain your home, you’re basically allowing the termites inside. Make sure you fix anything that needs repairing, and you’re keeping things nice and tidy.

6. Call in the Professionals

If you have a serious termite problem, don’t immediately try to tackle it yourself. Call in the professionals instead. They’ll be able to tackle the issue much more effectively.

7. Keep the Area Around the Home Tidy

Not only should you keep your home nice and tidy, but the area around your home too. Your garden, patio, and anywhere else in close proximity to your home should be maintained well.

8. Look Into Termiticides

If you only have a small problem or you would rather tackle this yourself, you can look into termiticides. They will help you get rid of termites to a certain extent, but you need to read the instructions first.

If you use the above 8 ways to protect your home from termites, you shouldn’t be faced with much of a problem. However, you do need to stay on top of the situation and remain vigilant! Leave any tips of your own below!

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