08 September 2015

..::Review + Giveaway::.. Amazingly Beautiful

My Review of Amazingly Beautiful – Moisturizers and Revitalizers
for Your Face

What is it exactly?

     From the website. . .
"Amazingly Beautiful A. M. Moisturizer and P. M. Revitalizer – for Women
Revolutionary, New 100% Natural Live Facial Skin Care System Brings Life and Beauty Back to Your Skin… Without ANY Chemicals.

“Amazingly Beautiful” uses a rare combination of live fruit, nut and plant extracts to feed your skin cells and promote youthful, moist, beautiful glowing skin."


I was sent both the Amazingly Beautiful AM Moisturizer and the PM Revitalizer for Women from Trusted Health Products to review.  

The price for this set is $44.94, but you can choose to buy them separately.  You can even purchase them on auto-ship method, which reduces the price drastically.

Packaging & Presentation of Amazingly Beautiful

The Amazingly Beautiful set arrived in a little box, but everything was packaged very nicely.  The set was wrapped in purple tissue paper with a color-printed set of instructions and a handwritten 'thank you' card.  They've already won me over right here.

First, the set of instructions really details the 'hows', 'whys', and 'expectations'.

The actual set comes very nicely wrapped in a little cellophane bag that is really decorated.  Both products are in the same bag.

Both the AM Moisturizer and the PM Revitalizer are in the same-sized bottles.  However, the AM Moisturizer has a white label, and the PM Revitalizer has a purple label.  The bottles are both amber-colored glass.

The front of both products labels the product, website information, sizing information, and a little bit of a personal touch.

The right side of the label provides ingredients and directions for use.

The left side of the label lists the manufacturer's information, a reorder phone number, and the brand logo.

The bottles also have the sizing information on the bottom.

My Personal Experience with Amazingly Beautiful

I use a lot of different skin care products, but I have never really used a system that was oil-based.  I guess I was a little scared of it because I didn't want my face to become more oily than what I was trying to fix.  The directions even stated that your skin will go through a 'transition' period where you may break out a little more while your skin detoxifies itself.  I can deal with that.  As long as I know it is coming.

Both bottles used the plastic droppers on top, so all you have to do is unscrew the cap, turn the bottle upside down, and drop the amount that you need.

Both products are oily.  That's how they are supposed to be.  That's what makes these different.  They work harder, better, and have natural ingredients.  The AM Moisturizer has:  Almond, orange, lemon, avocado, and olive oils.  The PM Revitalizer has:  Almond, orange, lemon, evening primrose, and apricot oils.  However, upon application both color and fragrance are pretty similar.

I'd also like to point this out:

How amazingly awesome.

Pros of Amazingly Beautiful
  • Detoxifies your skin.
  • You only need a few drops per day-- these will last a long time.
  • Nothing artificial.
  • This blend of botanical oils changes the entire look and feel of your skin.
  • Only two products-- morning and night.
  • Says your name on the front!

Cons of Amazingly Beautiful
  • I have not found any cons of this!

        This is really impressive.  When I first heard about this, I was admittedly indifferent. I love oils, and I really enjoy the benefits of them.  However, I never really used them on my face as my primary method of skincare.  Maybe I was afraid that my face was going to be an oily mess.  I don't know.  But I am really lucky and glad that I was able to give this a try.  It really doesn't make your face oily, in fact it is quite the opposite.  My skin looks refreshed and revitalized.  Plus, I mean...it's so EASY!  Only two products, there are no excuses for you to not use this!  They also offer auto-ship, so you never have to remember to order it. It comes to your house directly every other month.  Plus, you save some money this way.

         For a limited time, the manufacturer is willing to offer my readers one FREE bottle. They said they would love to have you try out Amazingly Beautiful A.M. Moisturizer (for women) or The Man A.M. Moisturizer (for men) and agreed to send one bottle FREE if our readers would pay a minimal shipping and handling charge. This is a one-time only offer!  They also agreed to include 2 eye-opening reports – The Poisons You Put On Your Face Everyday and Why Your Skin Care Products Have Never Worked: The Truth Revealed .”  That’s a total value of over $40.00. Click here to get your FREE bottle and reports.

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        DISCLAIMER:  I received the product mentioned above complimentary for review and testing purposes. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.  All opinions stated above are solely mine, and have not been influenced in any way.  I am disclosing this information in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

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