24 September 2015

How I Keep My Children Safe At Home

It’s been a while since I published an article that mentioned my children. They are the most important things in the world to me, and I couldn’t cope if something bad happened to them. That is why I have to take lots of extra precautions in the home. We purchased our property a while ago now, and I had to make lots of changes. It’s shocking how many dangers there are for children in the average home. In the hope of helping readers to keep their kids safe, I’ve listed some of the alterations we made below. My husband worked hard to ensure my mind was put at ease. These days, I don’t have to worry about anything!

Stair Gates

Upon moving into the home, my biggest worry was my toddler running through the halls where I couldn't see her. I’d read so many stories online about children who hurt themselves falling, and the parents not being able to get there quick enough. So, I sent my husband out to purchase the best gate he could find. We never miss a good deal, so it didn’t take him long. It only took a couple of minutes to fix it in place, and we only had to use some basic tools. Make sure you buy a stair gate if you have small children, too. They are the best to keep your children contained to a specific space and out of the places where danger is present. The last thing you want is to take them to the hospital because of an accident that you could have prevented. Young bones might be more flexible, but your kids are still going to get hurt if an accident occurs.

Corner Protectors

Another big concern for me was the number of sharp corners in the house. We purchased a home with a luxury kitchen that has everything we need (even though it needs a little updating!). However, that means there are a lot of places that could be considered dangerous for the kids. One slip, and my kids could have split their heads wide open. I did some research online to find the perfect solution. Luckily, I discovered there are lots of companies that stock foam protectors for sharp corners. I think I spent around $20 to get the best ones. The corners are still going to cause a bruise, but thankfully the situation is now much safer.


Sandbags are not going to be essential for everyone. However, I spoke to my new neighbors who told me the area regularly floods (especially by the pond). They said it was because the land slopes down from a nearby river. I did some research and discovered the story was absolutely true. Anyone in the same situation needs to take precautions as soon as possible. The last thing you need is for your kids to become exposed to dangerous bacteria. I purchased some sandbags and laid them on the most obvious areas. They managed to stop two floods, but our home still sat in a little water.

I do a lot of other things to keep my children safe at home, but I’ve already mentioned the most important ones. Hopefully, reading the information in this article will help you to achieve the same results. You shouldn’t have to worry too much when the kids are a little bit older. However, you need to keep your eye out for danger all the time while they are young.

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