20 September 2015

Hope Rising - When the Speed of Life is Out of Control

My beliefs are quite personal but, I do go to church, and for the next few weeks we are learning about HOPE RISING, and how it affects the following:

+ When life doesn't go the way you planned
+ When the speed of life is out of control
+ When dealing with disappointment
+ When facing life alone
+ During a well-lived life
+ When made for significance

I have a few problems of my own, and I feel a lot better when I openly write about it.  I thought that this would be a good place to write about the lessons for the next few weeks.  

So, I kind of sat through last week and didn't really do anything with the information.  This is the second week, and it talks about the speed of life being out of control.

This is not a problem that is exclusive to me.  It's something that everybody faces.  This day and age, everything is moving at the speed of light, and we rarely (if ever) find time to relax and just 'be'.  I am one of those people that cannot sit still.  I always have to be doing something, going somewhere, or just thinking.  Between work, school, family, and everything else-- I don't have any time for myself.  This week, there was a guest speaker-- Bishop King, Jr.  He talked about making a list of things that you like to do for you.  Things that will get you away for a little while so you can renew yourself.  Here is my list of seven things that I do for me but I feel like I don't have the time to:

1.  Thrift store shopping.
2.  Woodworking.
3.  Practice different makeup looks.
4.  Read.
5.  Play cards with my husband.
6.  Coupon.
7.  Catfishing.

I'm going to try to do these things more.  They make me happy.  They make me feel like the stress is lifted off of my shoulders.  If I spent more time doing these things, I feel like I'd enjoy life more and not just go through the motions.

This was a very important lesson for me.  I needed to see through the fog and realize that life isn't just about the hard stuff-- I need to actually enjoy it, too.

What do you do to get away from the stress of everyday life?  Make your own list.  You may be surprised about how seldom you actually do the things that you love.

I'm excited to write about next week-- stay tuned!

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Still waiting for that chess match, too. ;)