01 September 2015

..::Book Review::.. 'Ginger Snaps' by Webb Hubbell

My Review of 'Ginger Snaps' by Webb Hubbell


"Jack is back! Attorney Jack Patterson returns to Little Rock, Arkansas after an old acquaintance, Dr. Douglas Stewart, is arrested for marijuana cultivation, possession, and distribution. Jack is no expert on drug cases, but meets with Stewart to fulfill a promise to his late wife, Angie, who was close to Stewart.

Expecting to wrap up his involvement in an hour and enjoy the rest of the weekend golfing, Jack hears from Stewart that his arrest isn’t about the marijuana. Teaming up with his bodyguard, Clovis, and defense attorney Micki Lawrence, Jack begins to investigate why this highly-respected scientist was growing marijuana. He learns that Stewart had alerted the government about the existence of his marijuana garden years ago.

Why the arrest now? Why are the Feds claiming terrorist involvement? Stewart’s wife, Liz, claims it has to be about her ginger snaps which are laced with marijuana to help ease the pain of cancer patients. As Jack delves deeper into the case, he discovers that both Stewarts and the federal government are hiding secrets, secrets that connect to a past Jack and all involved would rather forget."

My Personal Review

This is definitely my type of book. If I saw this on a shelf at the store, I would have gravitated right towards it. There are so many different topics in here that I don't even know where to start...

This is the second Jack Patterson novel, published earlier this year.  I actually haven't read book one, so I really need to do that.

I'd like to classify this is a thriller, crime-ish, and mystery all tied into one.  It definitely steps on the toes of full-blown conspiracy, but I really enjoy those anyway-- so YAY!

This book also touches on a lot of instances and current events that we see today, and real life situations that are pretty dangerous.  There are a lot of twists, and you will surely be taken for a ride.

I read this book in two days.  Two days!  I couldn't put it down.  

The book ended to soon, and I would love to see a follow-up!

I researched a lot about this author online, and I think it's very interesting to layer his background with this book.  This is a work of fiction, but considering he was the third highest ranking individual in the Justice Department at one time, I really liked reading a novel from his perspective-- you know...on the other side of the law.

This book (hardcover, because I'm partial to them!) costs $16.21 on Amazon, and shipping is free with Amazon Prime.  

You can also grab the Kindle edition for $9.99 (or free for Kindle Unlimited!).

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