15 August 2015

..::Product Review::.. Skyhorse's Adult Coloring Books

My Review of Skyhorse's Adult Coloring Books

What is it exactly?

     From the website. . .
"The recent surge in adult coloring is not just attributed to nostalgia but also its therapeutic effects. Coloring encourages creativity without the intimidation of staring at a blank page. In fact, research suggests that coloring within a premade design might help fight anxiety.  Clinical psychologist Kimberly Wulfert of EverydayHealth.com explains that “In coloring, you’re being mindful, and when you move in a rhythmic fashion for an extended period of time, that becomes a meditation.”

Unlike most coloring books, Skyhorse’s books have sixteen pages of full color for inspiration along with perforated pages, allowing budding artists to photocopy, gift, or display their beautiful creations! This twelve-book series features vibrant illustrations and detailed introductions highlighting the histories of themotifs, including paisley, mandala, art nouveau, zen, mehndi and whimsical designs."


I was sent two coloring books from Skyhorse Publishing to review.

There are twelve different titles, and each one costs $9.99.

Packaging & Presentation of 
Skyhorse's Adult Coloring Books

These books arrived safely without any damage in a padded bubble mailer.  The books were shipped together.  I received both the 'Art Nouveau' book and the 'Whimsical Designs' book.

The front of each coloring book provides the title, who it's for, and a full-art cover.  There is a little badge that says, "A Fun Antistress Coloring Book".  The 'Art Nouveau' cover is blue and the 'Whimsical Designs' cover is orange.

The back of each cover (although set up the same) contains very detailed information about the artwork contained within.  It gives a brief history about the styling and design.  You will find bulleted features about the contents of the book.  The publisher's contact information is printed on both covers.

The first few pages of each book provide full-color examples of the pages for inspiration.  You can do anything that you want in here, but if you are looking for ideas, this is where you'll find them.

My Personal Experience with Skyhorse's Adult Coloring Books

I cannot, cannot, CANNOT believe that these have been around, and I have never heard about them.  I have been sitting here coloring pages from 'Skylanders' and 'Hello Kitty' coloring books.  When I found out about these, I just had to share them with you guys.  You can't go on another day without knowing about these, because they are just amazing.  I have had a very stressful past, and I always got through it with de-stressing myself, and I would typically color.  It's almost mindless, but it's a great expression of your feelings and a productive emotional outlet.

There are so many things about these books that I like.  They are set up perfectly and are great for anybody.

The back pages of each book contain a 'Color Bar' so you can practice mixing colors and seeing how a palette would play out if you choose to do one.  Most of the pages are full-art, so you don't have very much wasted space at all.

Each page is perforated so you can tear it out and work on it, or put it in a little portfolio as you finish.

These books offer so much-- if you are one to like bold lines, they have those.  If you like the thinner, more delicate images-- yep.  They have those, too.  There are even designs that incorporate all of that into one picture!

I am working on a full-art piece (almost like a Spirograph).  I am using blunt crayons, and they are not making me happy.  I need to get a nice set of colored pencils.  I'm loving these books.

Pros of Skyhorse's Adult Coloring Books
  • High-quality.
  • The price is so affordable and worth every single penny.
  • Great options for coloring (something for everybody).
  • De-stress in a productive way.
  • Twelve different titles to choose from.
  • Perforated for easy coloring.
Cons of Skyhorse's Adult Coloring Books
  • I haven't found any cons of these books.

        If you are a high-stress person like me, this is something that will definitely benefit you.  Take your mind off of all the roughness and just put the colors to the paper and let it flow.  The drawing has been done for you by some very talented artists, and you just need to bring it to life.  These are supreme books-- they are so nice that at this price you are definitely getting a good deal here.  I couldn't recommend these more.  You will not be disappointed.

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