23 August 2015

A Weekend Without Pictures

Man, I wish I would have taken some pictures this weekend.  All around, it's been a great one.  Friday?  My day to eat anything.  How could Friday be bad? I mean, orange Mt. Dew? Yes, please.


The best day was Saturday!  

We went to the lake with my husband's parents and cruised around on a pontoon boat all day.  We rode, anchored out, jumped off, and swam.  The water felt so nice.  Sitting on a boat always makes it feel like it's twenty degrees hotter than it really is anyway.  We ended the day with a bike ride and a cookout... and boiled peanuts.

All was well until late Saturday night when my husband spiked a fever of 104-- he went delirious.  I was scared and didn't know what to do. Maybe I should have gone to nursing school over business school...

The later in the day it got, the better he felt.  It's nighttime right now, and his fever is going up again. Tylenol baby, Tylenol.  

Tomorrow is MRI day, maybe this time they'll actually get the right body part.  For $3,000 per session, you'd think you'd get a good picture.  Apparently not.  

I just wanted to do a quick check-in as I don't have any reviews for you this evening.  I have a few for tomorrow, so be on the lookout.  Thanks for all of your support!!  :)

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