11 August 2015

Surprise Appointment...How Fun.

Today has been one of 'those' days.

I have been having some horrible neck pain that is causing back numbness.  This has been going on since March/April.  I went to see my doctor then, and two cortisone shots, and MRI, and a lot of 'getting the run around' later, I'm still hurting.

I had to go to another doctor.  This doctor diagnosed it as occipital neurologia, He said that I have to get into the neurologist this week.  He sent over the referral and said the office will call me Wednesday to schedule.  

That brings us to this morning.  I woke up, and I got a phone call.  The lady was really rude, and said, "I'm calling to remind you of your appointment tomorrow at 1 pm.".  I had no idea what she was talking about.  I didn't schedule anything.  I have a few different doctors, so I had no idea which office she was calling from.  I asked her, and she got bitchy about it.  I asked her if it was for the referral, and she said that it was.  I need to be there at 1 pm tomorrow with a disc of my MRI pictures.  
What?  Disc?  No clue what she was talking about, so I had to ask about that, too.  Man, she really wanted to hang up on me, you could tell.  She went on to tell me that if I don't bring this disc tomorrow (to the appointment that I didn't know I had) then the doctor will refuse helping me.  


I called the hospital where I got the MRI, and I explained everything.  At least this lady was nice.  Anyway, she said she'd expedite the process and that I could pick it up that afternoon.  Well, that's good.  

I left my house at 2:20 this afternoon:

a.) Picked up my son from school.
b.) Had to run back home because we forgot something.
c.) Went to the hospital to pick up the MRI disc.
d.) Took the long way to Warner Robins to get 6 boxes of blinds since our cat destroyed all of ours.
e.) Went to Kroger to pick up baby wipes and chocolate syrup (good Lord we can't forget that).
f.) Stopped at Bed Bath & Beyond for a water bottle and a dish brush.
g.) On the way home-- got stuck at the same light for 3 cycles.

It's 10:17 right now, and maybe...just maybe I can get started on some reviews.  I don't foresee much getting done tonight-- but life happens...

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