02 July 2015

Day 1 (Well-- Half Day, Really!)

Here I am, my first day in good ol' Ohio.  It took just around 13 hours to get here, and it wasn't that great of a trip on the way.  We left at night, so we can travel when the kids (and the dog!) slept.  As far as that goes, easy-peasy.  That was about all that went well.

Then,about a quarter of the leg, a gray Honda Civic passes me at around 90 mph.  Next thing I know, I am coming around the curve, and I see the same car smashed to bits after it hit the guard wall at that speed.  There was barely a car left, but the driver and passenger somehow made it out alive.  Surprisingly.  I'm sure they won't do that again. 

Next, at around 2 am in Anderson County, TN-- I start seeing black smoke.  No bueno, right?  Well, I turn around that curve, and I see a semi truck burning.  I was just hoping that nobody was in the cab when that happened.  It was bad.  I can't find anything on the news about it yet, so I'm assuming they are still investigating.  When I find something, I'll post it.  It was awful, and the worst thing I have ever seen on the road.

I started to get real bad anxiety, and I couldn't wait until we would arrive!  We finally made it here at around 8 am, but I was so tired.  I was so hyped up on caffeine, yet my body was exhausted.  I said hello to everybody, grabbed a blanket, and took a nap!  At around 2 pm, I woke up, and we hung out for a while.  Then my mom and I delivered some pool chemicals to a customer and grabbed some pizza for dinner.  Man, it was so good!  It amazes me that the pizza where I live is so bland.  The pizza here is just so delicious! When we got back, we got a good fire going and just hung out.

Sitting around the fire!  Loving the flash on the camera!

Trey, Cici, and Charlie!

Even the dogs enjoyed the evening.

Markie-- our adorable baby!

Mia! Mia! Pizzeria!

Bo's 'Good Side'.

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