22 July 2015

..::Book Review::.. 10-Minute Declutter by S.J. Scott & Barrie Davenport

My Review of '10-Minute Declutter' by S.J. Scott & Barrie Davenport


"SIMPLIFY EVERYTHING:: How to Declutter Your Home with an Easy 10-Minute Daily Habit

Imagine living a home that's free from clutter. Your closets, cabinets and possessions are all completely organized. Wouldn't you feel relaxed?

You can make this happen with the daily decluttering habit. All you need is 10 minutes a day and you'll be amazed at what can be accomplished with the following "Declutter Challenge" system."

My Personal Review

Out of every single book in the world, this is the one that I have needed forever.  It seems that clutter piles up faster than anything, and I feel like it owns me (and that's not a good feeling).

This book is set up very nice.  First, you get a Table of Contents which is pretty good when you want to start decluttering a certain area before another.  I have used the Table of Contents (after I read the front matter) and it has been helpful.

This book is broken up into 'parts' and 'sections'.  For instance, the kitchen is designated as a part, and each part of the kitchen is a section (like drawers, cabinets, etc.).

All you need is 10 minutes per day.  That's it.  You will be incredibly surprised as to how much you can get done in that time.  For me, I started with Part VII: Decluttering Your Closets, Section 2: Clothes Closet.  I'm telling you-- this closet was filled with stuff that I could sell or donate.  After 5 days at 10 minutes per piece, I am fully organized now.  It's pretty cool.

The worst part for me was getting over the 'connection' that I have formed with certain things that just needed to go.  After I released the bond, I was able to overcome that and just get down to business.  Right now, I am working on Part V: Decluttering Your Master Bedroom.  This shall be fun.

Overall, this is an incredibly helpful book that will guide you through what you may deem as impossible.  The authors really detail everything and are right along with you.  This is my go-to guide!

This book (paperback, because I'm partial to them!) costs $8.99 (and well worth it) on Amazon, and shipping is free with Amazon Prime.  

You can also grab the Kindle edition for free for Kindle Unlimited!.

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