25 June 2015

..::Product Review::.. 180 Cosmetics Stretch Mark Removing Solution

My Review of 180 Cosmetics Stretch Mark Removing Solution

What is it exactly?

     From the website. . .
"This one-of-a-kind formula is clinically proven to dramatically increase skin elasticity, repair and firm skin tissues, and boost tensile strength at the deepest levels. In addition, it accelerates collagen production and activates the skin's self-repairing process. The formula's unique combination of active ingredients not only repairs existing stretched tissues, but also prevents the formation of new stretch marks. It also promotes hydration, stimulates cellular regeneration, and contains powerful antioxidants that protect your skin from free radicals and keep it toxin-free. Ideal for use before pregnancy (prevention) and after pregnancy (repair), or while dieting. At 180º Cosmetics, we believe in creating solutions that help maintain and restore your youth, beauty, and femininity, so you can feel confident all over, every day. All of our advanced formulas contain the highest-quality nourishing oils and natural extracts, and are never tested on animals.”


I was sent a 5.1 fl oz tube of the Stretch Mark Cream from 180Cosmetics to review.  

This cream costs $34.49.

Packaging & Presentation of 180 Cosmetics Stretch Mark Removing Solution

This stretch mark solution arrived to me in great condition.  There were no leaks, defects, nor issues with the actual product during shipment.  This solution was presented inside of a box (which was slightly dented towards the bottom).  This box measures approximately 7.0" x 2.75" x 2.75".

The front of the box labels the product, brand, sizing information, and what using this accomplishes.  The back of the box provides an outline of product benefits, and the directions are located towards the bottom.

The right side of the box explains what is not included in the formulation, cautions, and ingredients.  The left side of the box describes a bit about the company, manufacturer information, and a website.  This product does not test on animals, does not use animal-derived ingredients, and is manufactured under GMP and ISO QC.

The box is flip-top, and the product is held in place with a few cardboard inserts.

The stretch mark solution comes in a squeeze tube (my favorite!).  The tube has the same information as the box does.

The products expiration date and lot number are stamped into the top of the tube.

The box had a safety seal on it, as did the tube itself.

My Personal Experience with 180 Cosmetics Stretch Mark Removing Solution

Stretch marks are kind of a 'meh' thing for me.  I don't love them, but I don't hate them.  I use products to lighten them, and I find success (most of the time!).  I love trying new products, because you never know what's going to work!

This is almost an 'ointment' of sorts.  It comes in a squeeze tube, and the lid flips open and closed.

The solution absorbs incredibly fast, and doesn't leave behind any residue.  It smells like citrus, and tingles a little after application.

Pros of 180 Cosmetics Stretch Mark Removing Solution
  • Easy application-- the bottle is carefree, and easy to handle and store.
  • Cream creates soft and silky skin.
  • A little bit of this goes a long way.
  • Non-greasy and moisturizing.
    Cons of 180 Cosmetics Stretch Mark Removing Solution
    • I haven't found any cons of this stretch mark solution.

    I love how this feels after application-- it tingles and it kind of tightens everything up.  It takes a month or two before anything is noticeable with any type of stretch mark product, so I just keep on using it and loving it!  It's great for the summer, it's not too intense, but you can feel it working!

    Are you wanting to get your very own 180 Cosmetics Stretch Mark Removing Solution?

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    DISCLAIMER:  I received the product mentioned above complimentary for review and testing purposes. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.  All opinions stated above are solely mine, and have not been influenced in any way.  I am disclosing this information in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

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