16 June 2015

Little Bloggy Update


If you haven't yet noticed, I am doing updates little by little so I don't have to take the entire website down.  I have added a few things here and there, so let me introduce what I have done so far:

1.)  Updated the menu bar for more detailed breakdowns of where you kind find things on the website.

2.)  Updated each title page.

3.)  Added a 'Pin It' button over each image.  If you like an image, hover over it with your mouse and you can pin directly from there.

4.)  Added a 'Search' button on the upper right hand side.

5.)  Lastly, I changed the overall 'feel' with the width, font, and things that I found visually distracting.

EDIT:  OMG!  I forgot to add that I changed my domain to a DOTCOM.  YAY!  That's a big step, so I'm pretty thrilled about that!

I'm going to keep doing updates, and I'll let you know as I move forward.  I have a blast working with everybody, and I love hearing your thoughts and comments.

I have been going through kind of a 'rough' patch lately, so I have been doing my best to keep focus and post as much as I can without overdoing it.  Personally, everything seems to be shaping up, so I feel like every day is an move in the right direction.

My goal for this year has been to fix up my YouTube channel.  I have been making videos, (more so than I had imagined!) but I want to do more.  I want to make a little 'intro', and pretty much just learn the ins-and-outs of the entire YouTube scene.  So, I'm still working on it.  It's midway through June, so I still have some time.  ;)

I have a few vacations planned for July, so I cannot wait to update with pictures and events!  There is so much going on this summer, and I'm very happy to be on-the-go.

Keep in touch, and be on the lookout for some amazing things!

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