28 April 2015

..::Product Review::.. Zubels 7" Rattle Knit Doll

My Review of Zubels 7" Rattle Knit Doll

What is it exactly?

     From the website. . .
"Zubels are 100% cotton (some organic) hand knit toys, hats and sweaters which are sure to be cherished and loved by children of all ages.  Zubels were born of a creative group working together to bring smiles to children (and to us). There was a need for an eco-friendly yet purposeful toy whose only requirement was a little love and imagination."


I was sent a 'Mr. Woofers' 7.0" Rattle Knit Doll from Zubels to review. 

Mr. Woofers costs $16.00.

Packaging & Presentation of Zubels 7" Rattle Knit Doll

Mr. Woofers arrived in great condition!  He came wrapped inside of a cellophane bag.  There was a catalog included in the package.

The front of the pack features Mr. Woofers in all of his glory, and he was attached to a piece of cardstock that says, "I'm made with 100% cotton yard, and I'm made using eco-friendly dyes."  The back of this tag says that it's for ages 0+, it's 100% hand knit, and 100% non-toxic.  The company contact information is printed at the bottom.

Mr. Woofers had a heart sticker placed on him that says that it was 100% hand knit, 100% cotton, and 100% love.

Mr. Woofers had a tag on him, too.

The inside of the tag is where you will find his name.

The care tag says, "Zubels" and lists materials.

My Personal Experience with Zubels 7" Rattle Knit Doll

I wanted to give this to my daughter, because if there is ONE thing that she likes, it's a stuffed animal.  It's even better if it has a rattle inside!

When I was taking pictures of it, she was so excited.  I gave it to her, and she wouldn't let it go!

She loves to shake it, and she really likes his nose!

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Pros of Zubels 7" Rattle Knit Doll
  • So soft and adorable.
  • Comes in so many different varieties.
  • Quality made!
  • 100% hand knit, 100% cotton, 100% non-toxic.
        Cons of Zubels 7" Rattle Knit Doll
        • I haven't found any cons of this doll.

              My daughter loves this just as much as I do.  Well, probably more.  It's one of her favorite toys!  I was amazed to see how many dolls that Zubels has!  I wish I would have known about them a lot sooner.  There are owl knit dolls that I really want to get her.  I love the quality, and they are so fun!

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              For further information, please visit Zubels on:

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