30 April 2015

..::Product Review::.. Joyal Beauty Super Brightening Vitamin C Serum & Retinol Correcting Serum

My Review of Joyal Beauty Super Brightening Vitamin C Serum & Retinol Correcting Serum

What is it exactly?

     From the website. . .
"Our natural skincare products are proudly manufactured by our FDA certified facility under strict GMP compliance, which is Natural Products Association alliance and only carefully choose vegan formulas, highest quality sustainable and biodegradable raw materials. Every Joyal Beauty product is 100% made in USA. Most of our natural skincare products contain over 98% natural and over 70% organic ingredients. We use green sustainable energy and recycled packaging with less paper for caring our planet. And we adopt strict Quality Control Systems to make sure every product become a treasure for your beautiful skin. Because of our green eco-friendly practice, we choose green as our signature color to promote a healthy lifestyle and going-green culture."


I was sent a 1.0 fl oz bottle of both the Super Brightening Vitamin C and Retinol Correcting Serums from Joyal Beauty to review.  

The price for each bottle is $24.95, and they ship free with Amazon Prime.

Packaging & Presentation of 
Joyal Beauty Super Brightening Vitamin C Serum & Retinol Correcting Serum

Both of these serums were sent to me wrapped in protective bubble wrap. They were free from any leaks or defects.  The bottles are brown glass, and the labels are a sea-green with black and dark green accents.  Both serums use a pump dispenser method of application.

The front of each bottle labels the product, brand, and sizing information.  It also states that they are natural products.

The back of each  bottle details a little bit about the product and what it does.  The directions, warnings, storage information, and ingredients are clearly visible.

The distribution and contact information is located on the side of each label next to the UPC.

There is a safety seal on each bottle, and it seals the clear cap to the actual bottle so it is safe from contaminants.  There is an 'easy-open' perforation on the seals.

Each serum is applied by using a pump dispenser.

My Personal Experience with Joyal Beauty Super Brightening Vitamin C Serum & Retinol Correcting Serum

Skin care products always work better when they are used in conjunction with products from the same brand.  This is the way it works for me, anyway!  Each company has a different formulation, so it's always interesting (and fun!) to see the difference that the products make.

Both serums are clear (actually, the Vitamin C serum has a slight, slight tint of yellowish-orange to it).  You can see that the Retinol serum is a lot thicker while the Vitamin C serum is a lot runnier.

Both serums absorb easily when you rub them in.  The natural heat from your hand as you rub them in is enough to kind of melt them.  I love the way each feels.  The Retinol is very tightening, while the Vitamin C is brightening (that's all the rhyming you are going to get from me tonight!).  The Vitamin C serum is so runny that it kind of goes all over the place, so make sure you put it in your palm and rub your hands together for a clean, even application.

Pros of Joyal Beauty Super Brightening Vitamin C Serum & Retinol Correcting Serum
  • Made with a lot of natural, organic ingredients.
  • Multiple effects on your skin-- vibrancy, softness, antibiotic, anti-aging, etc.
  • Works great on different skin types.
  • No parabens, sulfates, phthalates, petrochemicals, and not tested on animals.
    Cons of Joyal Beauty Super Brightening Vitamin C Serum & Retinol Correcting Serum
    • I haven't found any cons of these serums!

          These are both very nice serums, but for different reasons.  You know me-- I'm not an 'everyday' Retinol person.  It is a pretty potent serum, so to avoid over drying my skin, I only use it a few times a week at bedtime (on a freshly washed face).  The Vitamin C serum, on the other hand, is great to use every single morning.  For me, Vitamin C serum gives me an instantaneous glow.  I love the way it feels, and it gives me the energy to start my day off right!

          Are you wanting to try the Joyal Beauty Super Brightening Vitamin C Serum & Retinol Correcting Serum, too?  Click the link below, and order away!  


          For further information, please visit Joyal Beauty on:

          DISCLAIMER:  I received the product mentioned above complimentary for review and testing purposes. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.  All opinions stated above are solely mine, and have not been influenced in any way.  I am disclosing this information in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

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