01 April 2015

..::Product Review::.. Dot &* Dot 15" Packing Organizer

My Review of Dot & Dot 15" Packing Organizer

What is it exactly?

     From the website. . .
"Here at Dot & Dot Travel we ensure that our products go through rigorous design and field testing. Each item has the approval of a team of experts who have gone through a lifetime of travel. Every part from the fabric down to the zipper lining is carefully inspected and vetoed by our team. This is to ensure that each item has only world class materials and design."


I was sent a 15" packing organizer from Dot & Dot to review.  

The price for this organizer is $17.97, and it ships free with Amazon Prime.

Packaging & Presentation of 
Dot & Dot 15" Packing Organizer
I was happy to find the seat back protector in perfect condition upon its arrival.  It was packaged in a clear, plastic zip bag, and it was folded nicely.  The plastic pouch is 16.0" x 11.0" at its widest points.  The organizer itself is 14.0" x 11.0" when unfolded.

You can save the pouch if you'd like-- it's great for storage when you aren't using the organizer.

The logo was placed directly front and center.

There were no separate directions, but the tag sewn onto the backside provides care instructions.

Each organizer comes with a handle so you can hang and carry it.

Strong Velcro holds each piece together.

There was a setting paper inside, and there is a sturdy holder inside so the organizer keeps its shape with the shirts inside.

My Personal Experience with Dot & Dot 15" Packing Organizer

I watch The Big Bang Theory all of the time, and if you are at all familiar with that show, you'll know why I wanted to try one of these.  Every time Sheldon is in the laundry room, he uses that 't-shirt flipper'.  It looks so awesome that I pay attention to that more than the character's dialogue.  Anyway, this is sort of like that, but there isn't any flipping per say.

First, I got the actual folding mechanism.  It is complete with directions, so you'll know exactly where to start.

I put it towards the top of the shirt, and folded each arm in.  Then I folded the bottom up.

I flipped the shirt back over, and pulled out the folding piece.  I was left with one good-looking fold!

Pros of Dot & Dot 15" Packing Organizer
  • Holds 5-9 shirts or pants.
  • Minimizes wrinkles and maximizes space.
  • Keeps everything organized.
  • Fun to use.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
Cons of Dot & Dot 15" Packing Organizer
  • I haven't found any cons of this organizer.

          This is actually really neat.  I won't use it all the time for my folding, but it's absolutely perfect for travel.  It keeps everything together-- wrinkle free!  It's well-made and will last a long time.  It's easy to care for, easy to store, and simple to use.  I definitely recommend checking it out!

          If you are unhappy with the results, Dot & Dot offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  What do you have to lose?

          Are you wanting to try the Dot & Dot 15" Packing Organizer, too?  Click the link below, and order away!  


          For further information, please visit Dot & Dot on:

          DISCLAIMER:  I received the product mentioned above complimentary for review and testing purposes. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.  All opinions stated above are solely mine, and have not been influenced in any way.  I am disclosing this information in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.


          john hutchens said...

          nice this would come in handy for the college student leaving for college

          slehan said...

          I am *so* bad at folding that this would be good for me to have.

          slehan at juno dot com