03 April 2015

..::Glitz 'n Glamour::.. March Favorites

Hello, everyone! I noticed that I have not done a review on my favorite products in a while. I want to share few of my favorite products from March, and when I say a few, I mean like all of my favorite products. I have been REALLY busy this past month (just with random things going on) and have not had much time in the morning to do my makeup, so I have been really basic this past month. I normally like a more 'dramatic eye' and lips, but I just simply have not had the time lately. I hope you enjoy my favorites, and if you have any suggestions for me please let me know! 

My first thing that I have been LOVING is the GlamGlow Supercleanse.  This is the BEST cleanser. It takes off all of my makeup, and really gives my face a nice clean feeling. OH, and it smells like minty freshness. I just love it. This cleanser is kind of like the mask, as the purpose is still the same-- but it is a cleanser. If you are more prone to acne, blackheads, or whatever-- I would suggest this cleanser. It has worked wonders for my hormonal acne to the point it is mostly gone. 

Next, the Lush Ocean Salt Scrub. I have talked about this product before, and I still feel the exact same way about it. Now this is more of a harsh scrub, so I would not recommend this for everyday use, I use this scrub about 3 times a week. It really exfoliates my skin and leaves it so smooth. I won't go into detail about it since I already wrote a blog post about this scrub, but it is my FAVORITE scrub EVER! Click here to see a more thorough review.

Now, I have found this holy grail for pimple solution. If you get the occasional pimple, this stuff is like magic! Murad Acne Clearing Solution, this is my magic-in-a-tube! This solution is part of a line that Murad makes for acne, but I have only been using the clearing solution out of the line. I am sure it would work even better if used with the other products. Like I have said, I am 25 and my hormones are crazy which includes getting hormonal acne (ugh, nasty pimples). I was on a hunt for something that would help get this under control and this was it for me. I put it on after I was my face under my moisturizer morning and night. I honestly CANNOT give this product enough praises. I saw results after using this product once! 

The Renewed Hope in a Jar moisturizer and the Miracle Worker overnight cream are my go to moisturizers. I have been using these since December ,I think-- but I still LOVE these products. The Renewed Hope is my daytime moisturizer. I just like it because it makes my face feel fresh and renewed (hence the name)! The overnight cream is my LOVE. I look forward to putting this product on my face every night, it is so luscious and soothing. 

My family and I love riding 4-wheelers, so we went on a trip to an ATV park and I took all of the products listed above with me. I refuse to go on a trip without these products. I am sure you all know Melissa (sister-in-law/best friend). She tried the Murad and moisturizer while we were there, and fell in love with them also. She even told me she was going to buy the Murad line (guess she really liked it). I can not blame her though, because all of those products I listed are AMAZING

My favorite foundation for the month of March is hands down Makeup Forever HD. This is a great foundation for me because I am oily and it doesn't  add to the oil I already have-- yay! It gives me a nice medium-to-full coverage, which I personally like. It goes on so smooth and makes me look alive. No scary-Marah after this foundation!  

Becca Bronzing Skin Perfecter. This has been AMAZING and a lifesaver for me because I have been tanning (its warm enough, finally) and I get a spray tan every couple of months. With me getting tanner, my foundation is getting lighter (which is normal for most people). Well, I honestly haven't had a chance to get a darker foundation, but with this product I don't need to. So what I do is I take some of this AMAZING skin Perfecter and mix it with my foundation. Then BOOM-- perfect match to my skin. Did I even mention that this product does NOT make my skin look muddy or unnatural? It mixes well with the foundation, so it does not even look like I added anything. I love that it gives my face a nice summery-glow when I mix it with my foundation. 

Now, I am going to be honest-- I really don't have time to do my brows every morning, but when I do have time the Anastasia Beverly Hills Beauty Express Kit for Brows and Eyes has been my go-to, in the color brunette. It comes with stencils to shape your brows perfectly. AMAZING, I know. It also comes with a nice angle brush for easy application. I love this kit because everything I need for my brows is right there

Contour, anyone? YES! I love to contour my face, I just think it gives your makeup and your face a whole different look. No, I don't do this everyday, but when I do I go for none other than the Anastasia Contour Kit. I love this kit. Everything you need for a beautiful contour is right there in one palette. I got the light-to-medium contour palette, and it is still working for me even though I have a slight tan. I think this is going to be my go-to for a LONG time. The powders just blend so beautifully, and I never have any harsh contour lines when I use this kit. 

Okay, so I have been back and forth between two different highlights. The Becca Highlight in the shade Opal, and the Hourglass Highlight in the shade Luminous Light. 

I love both of these, and they are so different that I just can't choose my favorite. I am all about a gorgeous highlight, and yes-- I do this everyday. 

Blush! I love blush since it just brings life to your face! The two that I have been going back and forth between are the Balm CABANABOY and NARS New Order.

 Again-- very different, CABANABOY is more of a peachy color, and it is very light. Then we have NARS New Order which is just so GORGEOUS, it is very pink, and it has a lot of glitter. Now, when I first got this blush I was like, "WOW, this is glittery". But then I tried it, and the glitter dies down a lot after putting this on. I LOVE both of these so much.

BRONZER, need I say more? Bronzers just give me life! I have been using the HOOLA bronzer by Benefit and MAC Magnetic Appeal.

 Again-- so different. The Hoola bronzer is more of a matte bronzer for me, but is so pretty and I love the color it gives me. Now, the MAC bronzer is the total opposite of that. It is BEAUTIFUL! When I put this bronzer on, I am so excited because I know that I will be a bronze beauty when I stand in the sun. It goes on very light, and you almost can't see it on the skin. When you stand in the sun its like you morphe into a bronzed goddess. LOVE

My go-to palette for eye shadow is just an assortment of Makeup Geek's eye shadow. I won't list every single eye shadow I have in this palette (unless you leave me a comment and want more detail on the colors). I just really enjoyed this palette for the month of March. I love the way the Makeup Geek eye shadows blend, and how easy they are to apply. They are so pigmented and gorgeous. 

I really didn't wear much eyeliner this past month mainly because I simply did not have time for it, but when I did wear it I used the Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner in The Blackest Black. This eye liner is my FAVORITE gel liner, and truly is the blackest black. It goes on so smooth, and takes so little product to achieve the BEST, most precise line you would want. My go-to mascara for the month would be the KAT VON D Immortal Lash. I love this mascara so much. It separates your lashes and really gives your eyes life. I really love this mascara. I think I used it every single day for the month of March.

Now for my lips I have been enjoying the light-pink-to-almost-nude lip colors this past month. I used the Gerard Cosmetics Buttercup lipstick and the YSL Rouge Volupte a ton in March. These colors are very similar to one another, but at the same time different. The YSL lipstick is more of a pink and the Buttercup is a pink-nude for me. I love both of these, and used either one of these pretty much everyday in March. 

Needless to say, I was pretty natural in March. I honestly did not do anything bold like I normally do. But that is okay. I am now getting back to my normal self, and have more time to do the makeup looks that I LOVE! I hope you enjoyed my favorites for March, and if you would like to know more just let me know. 


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