11 March 2015

..::Review + Giveaway::.. Barely Tanning Mitt

My Review of the Barely Tanning Mitt

What is it exactly?

     From the website. . .
"Tanning Mitts are now an essential tool when it comes to creating the perfect year-round tan. Barely’s Luxury Tanning Mitt has been specifically designed to minimize the amount of self-tanning product that is absorbed and wasted. In fact, independent tests have shown that a reduction of 49% when compared with other tanning mitts."


I was sent a luxury tanning mitt from Barely to review.  

The price for this mitt is $10.44.

Packaging & Presentation of the Barely Tanning Mitt

I'm happy to report the safe arrival of this tanning mitt!  I was so excited to get it, and was pretty impressed with its packaging.  The exterior envelope was black, and the mitt was safely secured inside of its own resealable bag.  The package was approximately 10.0" x 7.0" x 0.50".

The front of the bag says 'Not Your Average Tanning Mitt', with the Barely logo on the bottom right.  The back of the bag describes the features of the tanning mitt, and provides the contact website for the company.

The bag is resealable, so you can store your tanning mitt back inside when not in use.

The actual mitt is very luxurious, and it has a velvet-y feel to it.  The inside is actually pretty comfortable, and it stays on your hand during the application process.

My Personal Experience with the Barely Tanning Mitt

I've used countless amounts of sunless tanner over the years, but it's only just recently that I found out that you are supposed to use a tanning mitt for even application, and to keep it off of your hands.  Nobody likes a streaky, over-applied tan!

I received this Vita Liberata Luxury Self-Tanner in one of the monthly beauty boxes I subscribe to, so I figured I'd actually get some good use out of it by using this mitt.

Before anything, I put it on my hand to see how it fits.  I love it!  Your hand is still able to move, so it's easy to get around the curves of your body.

I pumped a little of the tanning product on my arm (yes, I was surprised it was gray!), and smooshed it down with the tanning mitt.

It spread it so evenly, and didn't absorb anything!  I was pretty dang impressed!

Pros of the Barely Tanning Mitt
  • This is the highest quality tanning mitt that I've ever seen.
  • I love keeping the bag around for easy storage.
  • You can wash it!  It's durable even after many washes.
  • Since it has two sides, you basically get two tanning mitts for one price.
Cons of the Barely Tanning Mitt
  • I have not found any cons of this tanning mitt.

I love, love, love this tanning mitt!  I've kind of strayed away from self tanners, because I could never apply them right.  I always ended up streaky and orange because the product would just build up in places.  This tanning mitt really keeps everything even, and nothing builds up.  It works with lotions, foams, serum, anything!  I love that it is washable, and doesn't absorb any of your product.  I'm sure this mitt will last a very long time!

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DISCLAIMER:  I received the product mentioned above complimentary for review and testing purposes. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.  All opinions stated above are solely mine, and have not been influenced in any way.  I am disclosing this information in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.


Kim said...

I would love this! I don't have a tanning mitt at all, and I always end up with streaky hands! It would be wonderful to try
addictedtorodeo at gmail dot com
Ashley C

Donna said...

I would like to try it because I don't have a tanning mitt. I have not tried one.

Meena said...

I'd love to try it since I don't currently have a tanning mitt and have never used one before. It sounds pretty interesting and I would love to see how it works.

kmcgrew213 said...

i dont have a tanning mitt nad would love this!! this would prevent me from having to wash my hands every 5 seconds in fear of them getting really dark!

laurasloves said...

I would love to win as I do not have a tanning mitt and this would be perfect for when I do self tanning. My hands always end up dark even when I wash them right away.
Laurie Emerson
lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com