09 March 2015

..::Product Review::.. About Four Great Companies

This is somewhat of a different post, because I'm going to be talking about four different brands.  I looked at some of my history for this blog, and realized that I never posted about them in 2011.  So, now I want to make up for that, and talk a little bit about each company and why I like them.  

The first company is Smiley Cookie.

From their website:
"It started as a half-baked idea
more than 20 years ago — a smiley cookie as the vehicle to communicate the ethos of a restaurant — Eat’n Park, the Place for Smiles. Soon our cookie became not just the signifier of a delightful family dining experience, but a symbol of commitment to community and charitable giving, indeed, the mascot of the company. (Who knew a six-foot walking sugar cookie would have such draw. You have to be cracking a smile by now!)"

What I like about Smiley Cookie is that everything is able to be customized.  Each order is baked fresh for you right in the heart of Pittsburgh, PA.  I love companies that take pride in each order they have.  Plus, they taste delicious!  Please visit Smiley Cookie on their website, and order a few!

Next, we have Prefense.

From their website:
"Prefense is a revolutionary new hand sanitizer that protects you from germs with just one application per day. The patented, alcohol free formula soothes and moisturizes hands while providing up to 24-hour protection."

What I like about Prefense is that most everyone uses hand sanitizer nowadays.  If you overuse them, they can dry out your hands.  Not Prefense! Their formula is super moisturizing, and it lasts a long time.  The bottle that they sent me a few years back lasted a lot longer than I thought it would, and I used it every single day!  Please visit Prefense on their website!

The third company is Mistura Beauty Solutions.

From their website:
"Finally, a product that won’t irritate, cause breakouts or harm sensitive skin! Mistura’s 6-in-1 Beauty Solution® is made using the only the finest pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. The fragrance-free and hypo-allergenic formula goes on easily, will not clog pores and requires only a minimal amount for perfect airbrushed results. One product…one shade…one fabulous result!"

What I like about Mistura's powder is that it is all-inclusive.  You don't need a ton of different products for it to have the same affect.  It's a nice, simple compact that you can keep either in your makeup drawer, or even in your purse for touching up during the day.  Since I've reviewed it a few years ago, I noticed that they came out with a bunch of new products.  I wish I could try them all!  I used the compact all the way up, and I really liked it.  It's really easy if you aren't the 'whole-routine' type of person!  Please check out Mistura Beauty Solutions on their website.

Lastly, we have R. Murphy Knives.

From their website:
"R. Murphy Knives is one of the oldest and among the few remaining knife manufacturers in the United States. Founded in Boston in 1850, we have long supported the regional industries that helped build this country, from paper, leather, shoemaking and textiles, to fishing and oystering.  Using the finest steels, all our knives are handcrafted, a rarity in an automated world. We are passionate about keeping traditional methods and creating innovative designs that deliver the sharpest cut time after time."

I received a clamming knife from R. Murphy Knives back in 2011.  It should speak volumes that I still have this knife.  I don't use it all of the time, but when I do, it's in perfect shape. After 4 years, it still looks like it is brand new!  Please check out all of their knives on their website.

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