18 March 2015

..::Glitz 'n Glamour::.. Diva d'or Derma Roller Review

Hello, everyone! I had the opportunity to review a Derma roller. 
So, what is a Derma Roller? 

From the website:
"Derma Roller by Diva d'or - Titanium Micro Needle Roller - 540 Needles - Best Skin DermaRoller for Body and Face + FREE Travel Case - 1.0mm Needle Length - Use microneedling for Anti Ageing, Acne Scars, Stretch Marks, Wrinkles, Eyes pouches, body, Hair Loss, Cellulite, Scalp and Beauty enhancement - Multiplies the results of Skincare products like Vitamin C, anti ageing serum & Hyaluronic Face Serum."

The packaging for this item was very nice and secure. It comes in a box that has a lot of nice information on it. 

The front of the box tells me that it has 540 needles and it is an "Anti-Aging system using collagen stimulation to promote skin regeneration giving you tighter, younger looking skin." 

The back of the box gives you directions how to use the Derma Roller. 

It also has a caution label on the side of the box. I thought that all the information was informative to the point of knowing what it does and how to use it. 

Once I opened the box, the Derma Roller was also in a plastic covering (it reminded me of the packaging hospitals use before they open a new tool).

 I thought this was neat, just the wrap in general made me think this was very sterile. I opened the plastic and took the actual product out. Again, it is in a clear plastic container for safe keeping. 

I am personally glad it is wrapped so well since it has the needles it would have hurt to stick your hand in the package and pull out the roller itself. 

The plastic container is reusable, so every time you are done using the Derma Roller--  you have somewhere to put it and it won't get messed up! 

My experience with this Derma Roller was great. I really like the roller itself, and I feel like it works well. I have never used a Derma Roller until now, so I was a little hesitant to use it at first. It has really helped with my skin. I have had some issues with acne lately, so I have been using my Derma Roller along with a face serum. I feel the Derma Roller has helped the serum penetrate into my skin better than without using the Derma Roller. I have also been using it on my stretch marks, along with my stretch mark cream. I REALLY see a difference in my stretch marks since using the roller. I would suggest this to my friends and family. If you would like to purchase this Derma Roller it goes for $18.75 on Amazon.


DISCLAIMER:  I received the product mentioned above complimentary for review and testing purposes. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.  All opinions stated above are solely mine, and have not been influenced in any way.  I am disclosing this information in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

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