24 March 2015

..::Book Review::.. Road to Nowhere by Evan Shapiro

My Review of Road to Nowhere by Evan Shapiro

Back of the Book Description:

“More science friction than science fiction, Evan Shapiro's debut novel ROAD TO NOWHERE is a near future, cross-genre, page turner that serves up insight, action, mystery and the absurd in equal measure.  It's also occasionally steamy and likely to stir the delicate reader into the odd conniption."

Synopsis (My Personal Version):

Each chapter brings a new character, and the character develops throughout the duration of the novel.  This book has a lot of secrets that come together in the end, and everything is tied together.  In short (without giving out too many details!) the world is a strange one.  The sun is too hot to live during the day, so people live during the night and sleep during the day.  The sun is too hot, that any normal person will get burned to a crisp during the day.  There is a company, which seems to me a monopoly called PetroSynth.  PetroSynth holds more secrets than not.  Each character holds a piece to the puzzle as it unravels-- and a lot of strange things happen during the revelation.

My Thoughts:

I knew before reading this that it was going to be an in-depth page turner.  A little twisted, a little odd, and very intellectual.  The back of the book is correct-- this is a cross-genre book that bends the mind into thinking about conspiracy, secrets, and fantasy.  I quickly fell in love with the characters.  Everything is amazingly detailed, and I felt the descriptions were focused, and not flowery.  This is one of the strangest books I've read, but I can't stop talking about it.  It's one of those tales where you try to explain it to somebody, but it gets too deep, so you end up saying, "Well, you just have to read it, and you'll know what I'm talking about."  I highly recommend this book.  It's that good.  

If you haven’t read anything by Evan Shapiro, please check him out, you will quickly fall in love with his work.

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