03 February 2015

..::Glitz 'n Glamour::.. Review + Giveaway-- Tiffany & Co.


Review + Giveaway

Hi, everyone! Who likes Tiffany & Co.? I know I do! Tiffany & Co. is a well known store in New York, known mainly for their AMAZING jewelry and breathtaking diamonds. When I think of Tiffany's, I think extravagant, elegant, and expensive. Those three words just remind me of Tiffany's. Most people associate that 'blue color' as the Tiffany's 'color', only because when you buy something from them it comes in that 'little blue box'. 

I purchased some earrings from Tiffany's, and received my little blue box today. Let me just say they shipped very fast, and I got them on time. It's really exciting seeing that little blue box, knowing that something amazing is inside (I think anything from Tiffany & Co. is amazing!). The box came with a white ribbon tied around it, making it look elegant. Once I opened the box, it had a little blue bag inside which hold the earrings. So with that being said, it is Tiffany's and it’s all about the appearance, right? They really make sure that the jewelry is safe and secure so that it doesn't get damaged. I just LOVE the fact that they care about their packaging; it strikes your attention, and they have become well known for it. 

The earrings from Tiffany & Co. that I purchased are sterling silver, heart-shaped studs that read: “Please Return Tiffany & Co New York 925”. These earrings are so cute, and the great thing about them is that anyone can pull these off. They are not big, but they are not too little, either. They have the traditional clasp on the back to ensure that they don't fall out. They are just perfect little studs that you could wear with anything or anywhere. I love that they are universal, and I can wear them with my sweats around the house if I wanted to. The real question is-- how much were they? Well, they were actually in my price range of $150.00, which was just GREAT

I never really looked at the Tiffany's website before until a couple days ago. I was pleasantly surprised to find they did have some things in the price range that I could work with. I never thought I could have anything from Tiffany's! They also have some extravagant pieces, of course, but I will be purchasing some other little pieces that are in my price range from them in the future. 

Lastly, who wants a pair of the same Tiffany & Co. earrings? Well, lucky you-- because I am doing a giveaway! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway Open to worldwide entrants. 
$150.00 ARV
Giveaway will end 02-14-2015 at 2359. 
No purchase necessary. 
Winners will be announced 02-15-2015. 
The winner will be emailed and given 24 hours to respond. 
If no response, the next winner will be chosen.


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