23 February 2015

..::Review + Giveaway::.. Cap'Mundo Nespresso Yrgacheffe


From the website:
“Copaiba Espresso- Certified organic blend.  Grown according to Organic farming principles in the heart of the Andes Cordillera, this recipe will appeal with its perfect balance and aromas of cedar, cherry and raspberry.  The Single Serve Experience of Artisan Roasted Coffee.  Our exclusive blends have been carefully crafted by coffee experts, to optimize the extraction potential of our compatible Nespresso capsule. To reveal all delicate aromas and subtle flavors in your cup, each coffee origin, has been roasted separately, using slow and long artisan roasting techniques. We select the premium grade green coffees that can withstand long roasting without becoming over-roasted. The result is a perfect mix of subtle flavors and a fantastic crema in the cup.  We take our time to achieve the best coffee quality. Take your time and enjoy it too.”

I was sent the (10) capsule box in the flavor 'YRGACHEFFE' which goes for $29.99 on Amazon. 

The box of this coffee is something I personally have never seen before. The front of the box has the brand, how many are included, it says it is compatible for Nespresso, and it has three coffee beans colored in what I would guess is symbolic for the strength of the coffee. In this case, I would think that would be a medium coffee. It also says the flavor which is 'YRGACHEFFE'. 

On one side, it has writing in all different languages.
 It reads:
 “Freshly roasted and ground coffee in capsules- Best before end. See the side- Packed in a protective atmosphere-Store in a dry place at room temperature -*Trademark belongs to a third party and is in no way associated with SINGLE ORIGINS SA.” 

The back of the box is also in different languages and it has more information about the flavor of coffee. The flavor I received is 'YRCACHEFFE 100% ARABICA MOKA-MILLESIME 2013''

 It reads:
An exclusive mocha grown on the southern Eithiopian highlands at an altitude of some 2,400 meters, this select coffee is a stand out for its elegance and sumptuous aromas with floral nose showing hints of jasmine."

This side also has the different coffee flavors listed, as well as the strength of those flavors. There are (6) flavors listed. 'DON JIMENEZ', 'ZEBRANO', and 'UMBILA' all have three beans besides them. 'EBENE' has five beans beside it, 'COPAIBA' has three beans, and 'DABEMA' has two beans beside it.
The fourth, and last side of the box also has writing in different languages, which I think is pretty neat. 

It reads:
“Bringing all the richness and diversity of the world’s coffees to your cup. These unique compositions are the result of our knowledge of local growing conditions and each individual producer’s work. A traditional roasting process brings out the aromas and flavours of the countries of origin of these coffees.”

I did not realize that you have to have a special Nespresso machine for this coffee, so I tried alternative routes.

 I tried it in the Keurig machine, dumping on of the pods into a k-cup (the kind that allows you to choose your own coffee). I also tried it in a regular coffee pot. Neither of these ways worked very well. The espresso tasted very weak, it was like I was drinking hot water. On the other hand, when I opened a pouch of the coffee it smelled AMAZING like it was going to be the most decadent cup of coffee I have ever had. It almost makes me want to buy a machine just so I can taste the coffee (properly, that is!). 

Yes, it smelled that good. I wish I had the right machine to make it. 
Another thing that was interesting to me is the box. It is written is so many languages, that it is confusing yet intriguing at the same time. The languages are not listed, but the ones that I recognize are French, English, and Spanish. There are more, but I have no idea what they are. 
I don’t feel I can write any cons of this product, as I didn’t have a chance to try it the correct way. The only thing that I can say in confidence is that the information that the box provides is a little confusing.     

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