24 February 2015

..::Glitz 'n Glamour::.. Review & Giveaway-- NeoCell Beauty Infusion

Hello, everyone! I have talked a lot about makeup and skin care, but I haven’t talked about how beauty is from the inside out. We have to take care of our bodies in order to look FABULOUS. I was sent a bottle of the 'Beauty Infusion' by NeoCell.  Yes, it is all-natural. All of you know that I love natural products. 

From the Company:
"Beauty Infusion is an all-natural powdered drink mix that delivers a potent blend of beauty-enhancing nutrients - simply and deliciously. Just a scoop mixed with water delivers: 6,000 grams of NeoCell collagen for firm, smooth skin, plus strong, shiny hair and nails, 50 mg of hyaluronic acid for skin hydration and renewal, 3,000 mcg of biotin to support hair and nail growth, Alpha Lipoic Acid, a potent antioxidant to protect from free radicals, 200% of the RDA of vitamin C to help boost collagen production in the skin.  Contains no soy, wheat, lactose, gluten, or artificial ingredients."

WOW. It does so many good things for you! Who wouldn't want to have nice, smooth skin and beautiful hair and nails?

The packaging is also great. I received an 11.64 oz bottle in 'Tangrine Twist' flavor. I have to say that the label is very intriguing to me. If I was in a store, and saw this on the shelf, I would pick it up. Just from the label. It is a bright orange color with a ton of great information on it.  

The front of the label has the name of the company, the product name, and it also says, “Refreshing Collagen Drink Mix”. It has more detailing information like: “NEOCELL COLLAGEN + HYALURONIC ACID + BIOTIN & ALA formulated for radiant complexion & strong hair & nail growth” It also has a picture of tangerines on the front with the flavor written beside it.

 On one side, it has more information about what 'just one scoop' delivers. It also has a great description which reads, “ NeoCell Beauty Infusion is an all natural solution for youthful, radiant beauty that starts from the inside. Diminished collagen levels in the body can lead to loss of elasticity in the skin, thinning hair, and brittle nails. This refreshing drink mix is infused with essential beauty nutrients that work together to strengthen hair, skin, & nails, hydrate the skin, and provide antioxidant powder against environmental damage. Recapture that vibrant glow from the inside out with a beauty supplement your skin and taste buds will crave.” 

The other side has the nutrition facts; it has only 58 calories! It also has the ingredients listed (which I know all of them), and the suggested use. Allergy warnings and the 'Keep out of the reach of children.' warning. This side also has a code that you can scan for a recipe to try with the 'Beauty Infusion'. You all know that I love my labels, and I love when they supply tons of information. 

Now, how AWESOME does that sound? Great, right? I think so. Now for the big question, "how does it taste?". I know that a lot of the products that I have tried in the past tasted awful (despite their amazing labels!).

 I followed the directions by adding one scoop of the powder to a glass of water. 

I was nervous to try this because orange is definitely not my favorite flavor. But, let me tell you-- this tasted like Sunny-D, and I LOVED the flavor. The powder mixed very well in the water. 

I had no powdery mix left at the bottom of glass, either. I know that some powders do not mix well, and you end up getting that horrible taste. This product was just the opposite of that-- it was GREAT. You can see that I finished it in no time!

I can't get enough of this product! It has wonderful ingredients that are sure to help get you (or keep you!) looking young and beautiful. 

I will be finishing this bottle and the buying another one for myself. There are two other flavors, which also look great. I can't wait to try them, too. You can purchase NeoCell's 'Beauty Infusion' from CVS, Walgreens, Vitamin Shoppe, Whole Foods, and other health food stores.  It is $34.95 for a 15 oz jar.

 It is so worth it to me. Everything that you are getting from this product is AMAZING, and in all honesty I CAN'T believe that it is only $34.95! I would expect to pay more for this product!  That is how much I LOVE it. 


You have a chance to win a bottle of 'Beauty Infusion' by NEOCELL!

Open to continental US entrants 18+ only. 
$34.95 ARV
Giveaway will end 03-15-2015 at 2359. 
No purchase necessary. 
Winners will be announced 03-16-2015. 
The winner will be emailed and given 24 hours to respond. 
If no response, the next winner will be chosen.

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DISCLAIMER:  I received the product mentioned above complimentary for review and testing purposes. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.  All opinions stated above are solely mine, and have not been influenced in any way.  I am disclosing this information in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

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