23 February 2015

..::Glitz 'n Glamour::.. Majestic Pure Rosehip Oil Review

Hi, everyone! I am new to rosehip oil, so luckily I was given the opportunity to review it. It is 100% pure, natural and certified organic. 

"Rosehip Oil - 100% Pure 4 Oz - Certified Organic Cold Pressed Highest Quality Rose Hip Seed Oil - Natural Moisturizer, Rich in Vitamins, Antioxidants and Essential Fatty Acids - Best for Face, Skin & Hair - Softens, Hydrates and Heals Dry Skin, Known to Be Effective for Stretch Marks, Acne Scars, Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Sun Damage, Eczema, Dermatitis & Itchy Scalp - Reinvigorates Dull Hair Bringing Back Silkiness - Nourishes & Hydrates Brittle Nails - Guaranteed to Refresh, Revitalize and Restore Your Skin's Natural Glow - Try Without Risk Today!"

I was sent a 4 fl oz bottle of the rosehip oil to review. This bottle goes for $21.50 on Amazon.
I received the oil in a box small enough for the bottle and a dropper to fit. I opened the box, and it had the bottle and it included a glass dropper wrapped in bubble wrap. 

Once I took it out, I noticed that the bottle had a cap with a plastic seal around it to prevent it from leaking. I also noticed that the bottle was glass, and it had a very nice label on it with a lot of good information. 

The front of the bottle has the company name, the name of the oil, and it tells me that it is pure, natural, and organic. One side of the label has ingredients, safety, storage, and directions. 

Also on this side of the label is the address for the company. The other side of the label has some facts about rosehip oil. 

It reads:
 “Rosehip Seed Oil is renowned for its ability to heal and lighten minor to severe stretch marks and scars. Used on individuals with degenerative tissues and keloid scarring, Rosehip Seed Oil is considered one of the best massage oils for someone trying to prevent or reduce their stretch mark. Rosehip Oil moisturizing and also commonly used for a variety of skin conditions including dermatitis, acne and eczema, for mature and sun burnt skin as well as brittle nails and wrinkles.”

I love how the label has so much information on it. Basically, the label told me everything I needed to know about this oil. I had no questions on how to use the product or what the product was for after reading the label.  I took the plastic seal off (which was difficult-- I had to get scissors!) and changed out the cap to the dropper. 

The dropper worked very well I put some on my hand to test it and the dropper really allows the oil to flow nicely. I rubbed the oil into my hand, and it soaked up the rosehip oil very fast. 

Some oils I have tried do not soak into the skin properly, and they just sit on the skin. This one really soaked in, and did not leave behind a greasy or oily feeling on my skin.   Overall, this oil is very nice. The smell is not the best, but it doesn’t stay on the skin. It is the oil itself and that will soak into the skin leaving no lingering fragrance behind. I will be using this rosehip oil on so many things now that I have knowledge about it. My daughter has severe eczema, and I will be using it on her and my stretch marks from now on. It has many different uses, but these are the only two that I see myself currently using it for. 


DISCLAIMER:  I received the product mentioned above complimentary for review and testing purposes. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.  All opinions stated above are solely mine, and have not been influenced in any way.  I am disclosing this information in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

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