21 February 2015

..::Glitz 'n Glamour::.. Dedrianne's Review

Hello, everyone! I have mentioned numerous times that I LOVE natural products. I was sent just that by Dedrianne’s on Etsy. I was sent (10) eye shadows, (1) blush, (1) foundation powder, (1) lip balm, (1) chapstick, (1) body butter, and (1) travel lotion bar. 

This company sent me a brochure along with all these amazing items. It reads,

 “Dedrianne’s mission since 1997 is to make products all naturally without chemical preservatives. None of our products are tested on animals nor do we put any wheat gluten in them. Please call us with any questions and to schedule a free natural product seminar to better understand our products and use them. We have over 80 fragrances and essential oils so please e mail or call to check on what we have in stock. Bulk pricing for shops and fundraising is available. Please ask! We are always looking for representatives to sell our products. We ship via USPS for small orders and FEDEX or UPS for large orders. None of our products are intended for internal use.”

WOW! That is all I can say at the information that this brochure has in it. I felt very informed after reading it, and it shows how dedicated this company is to keeping their products NATURAL! I love companies like this.  It is so easy to be swayed these days because of the world that we live in.  I have a lot of respect for companies that stay strong, and stand for what they believe in, just like Dedrianne’s. 

Now as for the products, I know you are waiting! The first thing that I tried was the chapstick in the flavor 'Chocolate Raspberry'. I use chapstick all of the time! I walk or run in the mornings (when it’s cold), so I always apply chapstick to protect my lips from getting dry and cracked. This chapstick did NOT burn at all.  It was actually very soothing, and it definitely has an oil base to it. My lips were so moisturized after using this chapstick. The flavor/scent was AMAZING! It smells so good! I would put this on my lips just so I could smell it. 

Sticking with the lips, I tried the 'Chocolate Banana Honey Balm'. I really like this balm.  Normally, I am not a balm person, but this one is awesome. It smells like chocolate (who doesn’t like chocolate??). This balm is thicker than the chapstick, and really moisturized my lips but in a different way. The chapstick is more of an oil base, and this has more of a creamy texture to it. I see myself using this product a LOT!

Now on to the body products.  I received a 'Pink Sugar Body Butter'. I tried this on my hands, and  at first I did not like this because it felt greasy. I decided to let it sit for a minute before judging it too harshly. Much to my surprise, it soaked right into my hands leaving them moisturized to the MAX! (It is winter, so this is awesome!). My hands are no longer dry like they were this morning. This product reminded me of Aquafor (if you know what Aquafor is, then you know how it starts off greasy, then soaks right in). This body butter smells amazing, and I cannot pinpoint the smell to compare it to anything but it smells GOOD

Staying with the body products, I tried the 'Peach Travel Lotion Bar'. This product is AWESOME! When I first glanced at it, it really threw me off because I thought it was soap! I was wrong. It's lotion-in-a-bar. How awesome is that!? It really is perfect for traveling, as you wouldn't have to carry a bottle of lotion with you. I tested this on my legs. All you do is rub it on the area you desire and then rub it in. My legs are so smooth right now! I really like this product. The scent is very peachy, and I am not much a peach-scent person, but this actually smelled good to me.

Moving on with the face, I was sent a mica foundation powder in the color 'Cool Bisque'. I normally would choose a liquid foundation (for more coverage), but this was so nice. It is not heavy, nor did it cake up on my face. I see myself wearing this a lot in the summer. It felt light on my face, but gave me the coverage that I needed.

I was also sent (10) eye shadows. One of them does not have a label on it, so I am not sure if it is an eye shadow or a powder. Since it is so pretty, I decided to list it as an eye shadow. It is labeled '23rd', and it’s very nude with a slight shimmer. I would use this color as a base color on my eyes, even if it is a powder. I also got 'Deep Blue' eye shadow/liner. This color is a deep blue, and not an eye shadow color that I would typically use. However, I would use this color as a liner, for a more dramatic look. Next, the 'My Slate Mix' matte eye shadow is a lighter blue, but blends out to be an almost gray-blue color. The 'After Twilight' eye shadow is a green eye shadow with some blue or turquoise in it. This color honestly reminds me of mermaids. Yes, I know. Random! That was my first thought when I saw this color. 

The 'Chameleon' eye shadow is a burgundy-brown color, but it has more of a red base than a brown base. The 'Wine' matte eye shadow/liner is a deep purple color. I would use this as both an eye shadow and a liner. The 'Glimmer Green' eye shadow is so pretty! It reminds me of spring, as it is a light green with maybe some gold in it. I really like this color! 

The 'Silken Gold' eye shadow is a pearly-white with gold in it! I LOVE this one, and it is one of my favorite eye shadows of the bunch. I just love it, and I would wear it alone if I was in a hurry.  The 'Reflections' eye shadow is rosy-pink color with shimmer in it. This color is very pretty.  It would have been great for Valentine’s Day. 

My favorite eye shadow in the entire line is the 'Tiger’s Eye' mica. It is a brown color with some gold in it. Or maybe it is just a golden sheen that I am seeing. I would wear this color everyday if I could!

Now for the blush.  I was sent (1) blush color. 'My Valentine' blush is pink, and it almost reminds me of a baby-pink. I really like this blush, but it does have a little bit more sparkle than I usually would put on my cheeks. This blush was nice and different for a change. 

Overall, I really like everything that I was sent.  I would highly recommend this company and their products. Please check out Dedrianne’s on Etsy.

 If you would like to contact Dedrianne’s to learn more, their number is (866) 276-4976 or (518) 310-1289. 


DISCLAIMER:  I received the product mentioned above complimentary for review and testing purposes. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.  All opinions stated above are solely mine, and have not been influenced in any way.  I am disclosing this information in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

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