22 February 2015

..::Friday Favorites::.. Trash Bag Brand Review


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This Friday Favorite's video explores the different brands of trash bags we all have come to know.

When you go to the store, you are faced with a ton of trash bags to select from.  Which one should you pick?  Well, we are solving that problem for you!  

We have Hefty, Glad, Kroger, Shur Fine, & Midwood Brands

For each bag, we toss in approximately 8lbs of dog food to see how it holds up.  After that, we pour in a glass of water to test the leakage factor.  Lastly, we test the drawstring strength.

I think you'll be surprised with the outcome!  

Sorry about the camera angles, my camera man wasn't available to film, and I'm not that talented at it.  ;)

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Disclaimer:  We were NOT compensated for this post, and we were not provided anything for free.  Everything in these videos have been purchased with our own private funds, and all opinions stated have not been influenced.

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