16 December 2014

..::Review + Giveaway::.. Orchard Choice Fig Spreads

My Review of Orchard Choice Fig Spreads & Mission Figlets

What is it exactly?

     From the website. . .
"Valley Fig Growers is located in Fresno, California. All of the commercially sold dried figs produced in the United States are grown in the Fresno area and north, in the fertile San Joaquin Valley. California represents 10% of the world production of dried figs.
Valley Fig Growers was established in 1959 and is the largest handler of figs in North America. The cooperative represents 50% of the California fig industry.
Valley Fig Growers markets its products worldwide. Retail products are sold under Valley Fig Growers own brand names of Blue Ribbon Orchard Choice, Sun-Maid and Blue Ribbon."


I was sent the Fig Spread Variety 4-Pack and the Blue Ribbon Orchard Choice Mission Figlets (8 oz. Bag) from Orchard Choice to review.  

The price for the variety 4-pack is $23.96, and the price for the figlets is $3.49, and shipping begins at $6.95.

Packaging & Presentation of Orchard Choice Fig Spreads & Mission Figlets

I received my box from Orchard Choice, and it was in good condition.  There were no leaks nor were there any defects.  They were packaged tightly in a box marked 'fragile'.  Each jar was nested in its own compartment.  

The jars look really fancy!  Each flavor has its own colored label.  The jars themselves are clear, so you can see through to the actual spread.  The tops are kind of a gold/bronze color and they each have a safety button.  The expiration dates are clearly marked right on the lid.  Each jar holds 10 oz of spread, and they measure 3.75" tall x 2.75" wide at its base.

I was sent four different flavors:  California Orange, Organic Mission Fig, Balsamic Pepper,
and Port Wine.

The 8 oz pack of Mission Figlets is purple and resealable.  The front labels the brand and product, and the back provides a recipe, nutrition facts, ingredients, and company contact information. The expiration date is clearly printed on the bag.

My Personal Experience with Orchard Choice Fig Spreads & Mission Figlets

I lived 25 years of my life without ever trying a fig.  When I lived in Virginia Beach, my neighbor had a fig tree, so she gave me a few to try.  I absolutely loved them!  They are so sweet and flavorful.  Ever since then, I've always gravitated towards foods that have figs in them.  Especially spreads.  Yum.  

Since this review has two parts, I began with the Mission Figlets.  The bag opened easily and evenly.  It was pretty much all the way filled with the Mission Figlets.

The Mission Figlets were tiny.  They were so cute and make an excellent, healthy, fiber-filled snack.  They are very flavorful and taste like a gigantic raisin.

Next, I tested out the spreads.  I placed a different flavor on each cracker. 

My favorite was the California Orange.  That surprises me because I'm really not a fan of orange-flavored things.  Maybe because this only had a hint of orange in it.  Enough to know that it is there, but definitely not overpowering.  My next favorite was the Port Wine.  It was a deep, dimensional flavor.  It definitely paired nicely with the cheese.  Next, the Organic Mission Fig.  This one was pretty plain, but still highly flavorful.  It tastes like fresh-picked figs.  Lastly, I wasn't too much of a fan of the Balsamic Pepper.  It was slightly bitter and had a sour aftertaste.

I decided to make some fig pancakes!  These pancakes are great for the cool weather we've been having.  They are warm, flavorful, and satisfying.

First, I mixed up my secret batter and placed my chopped figs right into the batter.

Then I fried up my pancakes!  I love them to be the entire size of the pan.

I layered each pancake, but I put a layer of Organic Mission Fig spread in between each pancake.

I topped it all off with some maple syrup, fresh butter, and a few figs on the side!

Pros of Orchard Choice Fig Spreads & Mission Figlets
  • Orchards are located in the heart of the North American fig industry.
  • Versatile-- you can cook with it, eat it alone, or use it as a seasoning.
  • Quality-made and flavorful.
  • This company has outstanding customer service.
  • Very soft and easy to spread.
  • 100% fresh.
    Cons of Orchard Choice Fig Spreads & Mission Figlets
    • There are no cons of this product.

    These products were delicious.  If you love figs, you'll love 'em.  If you have never had a fig, try these.  You will quickly fall in love.  These taste like homemade spreads delivered straight to your door.  Great for recipes, appetizers, or just a quick snack, Orchard Choice products are the perfect option!

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    DISCLAIMER:  I received the product mentioned above complimentary for review and testing purposes. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.  All opinions stated above are solely mine, and have not been influenced in any way.  I am disclosing this information in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.


    BethElderton said...

    My grandmother's neighbor had a fig tree, and the two ladies made strawberry fig jam every year. It was delicious!
    ary Beth Elderton

    tannawings said...

    The best jam or jelly I have ever had is probably the elderberry that my Grandmother made. I remember going over to visit and she would make little toast triangles and spread the jam on, and she would make tea - and of course we has a tea party. I dont have too many memories of her, but I remember the wonder toast and jelly and her being silly. Maybe thats why the jam was so good!

    ellen beck on form

    clc408 said...

    The best I've ever had is my own home made peach jam from tree ripened peaches I get at the orchard.

    Lisa Garner said...

    My favorite jam is my homemade cherry jam I make each year from my sour cherry tree.

    Anonymous said...

    My favorite is Smucker's sugar-free red raspberry.