10 December 2014

..::Product Review::.. Svelte PRO Supercharged Organic Anti-Cellulite Treatment

My Review of the Svelte PRO Supercharged Organic Anti-Cellulite Treatment

What is it exactly?

     From the website. . .
"Loving the "lazy way" to reduce appearance of cellulite we have designed Svelte Pro Supercharged Anti-Cellulite treatment incorporating phosphodiesterase inhibitors or simply the entire array of known flub busters. In plain simple language, they stop production of the enzyme that leads to fat storage in our body and so cause the dimples to shrink. Many ingredients have this effect including, Caffeine, Kola nut and Juniper. Along side these are ingredients like, Butcher's broom which helps dilate blood vessels increasing circulation in the area- Gingko Biloba which is said to firm the skin  and Lemon and Fennel which helps detox the body and repair skin. L'Carnitine, the latest break through in cellulite battle - is found naturally in the skin and supports the conversion of fat into energy"


I was a sent a huge 5.0 fl oz bottle of the Svelte PRO Supercharged Organic Anti-Cellulite Treatment to review.  
The price for this bottle is $22.00, plus $3.25 shipping.

You can also find it on the Sweetsation Therapy website, along with a multitude of other products.

Packaging & Presentation of the 
Svelte PRO Supercharged Organic Anti-Cellulite Treatment

The bottle stands a little over 7" tall.  It is a little over 1.5" at the base.  It was shipped in perfect condition with absolutely no defects.  The bottle itself is very pretty, the label displays a nice pink to green gradation.

The front of the bottle labels the brand and the product.  It also lets the buyer know that there are +25 Fat Fighting Slimulators.

The safety seal covers the entire bottle, and it has an 'easy tear' perforated strip.

The ingredients list is located on the right side of the label.

On the left side of the label is where you can find out a little more about the product, the usage directions, warnings, and cautions.

This bottle uses a pump in order to dispense the serum.  The cap has a fancy chrome ring around the bottom.  There is also a plug in the opening to keep the product from clogging or crusting over.

The expiration date is printed on a label located on the bottom of the bottle.

My Personal Experience with the Svelte PRO Supercharged Organic Anti-Cellulite Treatment

Sometimes eating right and exercising just isn't enough to combat that nasty cellulite.  Using a cream isn't 'lazy', but I like to think of it as a helping agent.  If you are doing all that you can to help yourself, an anti-cellulite cream can assist in your journey.

...and what's better than a supercharged organic version?  :)

The Svelte PRO treatment is a very nice formula. It has a medium consistency, it's not too runny and not too thick. The cream itself is white, and has a nice refreshing minty fragrance.

As far as feeling, it makes your skin really soft.  It is very easy to put too much on the intended area, so start with a smaller amount and slowly work up if you need more.  The formula absorbs really easy.

Pros of the Svelte PRO Supercharged Organic Anti-Cellulite Treatment
  • Can be used anywhere-- thighs, butt, stomach, etc.
  • Contains 25 flab busting compounds.  
  • The bottle is really attractive.
  • The amount of product you receive is well worth the money.
  • Contains organic ingredients and is not tested on animals.

    Cons of the Svelte PRO Supercharged Organic Anti-Cellulite Treatment
    • It is really easy to over-apply this formula.  Make sure to start with a small amount and work with more if you need it.

          This anti-cellulite treatment is great!  What I like best, though, is that it detoxifies your body.  I'm currently doing a body detox in general, so this cream definitely helps during the process.  The fragrance is very clean and refreshing.  It does not interfere with other fragrances during wear.  

          Are you wanting to try the Svelte PRO Supercharged Organic Anti-Cellulite Treatment, too?  Click the link below, and order away!  


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