29 December 2014

..::Product Review::.. Softy Sanitizing Wipes

My Review of Softy Sanitizing Wipes

What is it exactly?

     From the website. . .
"The world is a big, gross place. Thankfully, we created a sanitizing wipe with the stopping power of an elephant gun to keep the nastiness at bay. Germaphobes, rejoice, for we are your new protectors. Give us your children's grubby fingers, your subway handrails, even your disgusting hotel TV remotes. Softy wipes will accept any challenge, anywhere; killing 99.9% of every germ in their path. We like those odds. We think you will, too. Let's keep it clean.”


I was sent a 150 count canister of sanitizing wipes from Softy to review.  

These wipes cost $14.98, and ship free with Amazon Prime.

Packaging & Presentation of Softy Sanitizing Wipes

The canister of the Softy Sanitizing Wipes arrived to my doorstep in perfect condition.  There were no leaks nor defects.  This is a very large canister standing at almost 8.5" tall and 5.0" wide at its base.  The canister is made from recyclable white plastic, and it is covered with a label featuring blue, white, and black accents.  This canister holds (150) 7.0" x 8.0" wipes.

The front of the label features the count, the fragrance, and that it kills 99.9% of germs.

The right side of the label gives a brief description of the product, Softy's contact information, and a few points about the wipes.  These wipes are made in the USA.

The left side of the label is the most valuable.  This is where the drug facts are listed.  You can find both active and inactive ingredients.  This side of the label also gives any warnings associated with use.  The directions and uses are listed here as well.

There is an expiration date on these.  However, the date wasn't printed clearly, but I can kind of see that they expire 10/2016.  That means that I have a lot of time to use them!

The canister is fitted with a lid in which you can pull the wipe through for easy use.  It opens and closes very easily, and definitely with little effort.

In order to feed the first wipe through, you have to pull off the lid, and you will find a foiled protective cover.

I found this cover pretty difficult to remove.  It should have one of those 'easy gripper' tabs so it comes off in one shot.  This was not the case. However, I must say that the fragrance was phenomenal when I opened the foil to expose the wipes.

My Personal Experience with Softy Sanitizing Wipes

Let's be blunt here-- it's cold and flu season.  AND good Lord, what a season it's been so far!  The flu is hitting everybody pretty hard this year.  From the flu shots being ineffective all the way to prescription Tamiflu running on short supply due to the increasing demand, we need to protect ourselves.  Disinfectant.  Hand Sanitizer.  Vitamins.  Being able to review these Softy sanitizing wipes came at a great time, since I am going nuts trying to keep my house free of the evil flu.

First things first, I had to feed the first wipe through the lid.  I don't know, but if you are anything like me, you end up pinching your finger.  I always do that.  The directions on the label specifically point out that you 'should not put your finger through the hole', but I did anyway, and I recommend that you do not do that or you will pinch yourself.

The wipes came out nice and easy, and boy, them smelled awesome.  It's a very clean scent, and it doesn't smell like chemicals.  What I noticed when I pulled out a wipe is that it is more like a piece of fabric than anything.  The wipe was pretty moist, and it seemed to hold a lot of the formula.  I was excited to put these to the test.

I cleaned my doorknobs...

...my light switches...

...the refrigerator door handle...

...and about a billion other things around the house.  What I found is that the wipe holds up for a lot of cleaning.  It doesn't rip easily, and it traps a crazy amount of dirt.

Pros of Softy Sanitizing Wipes
  • Kills 99.9% of nasty germs.
  • You can use it on your hands AND surfaces.
  • Alcohol-free, and contains Vitamin E and Aloe moisturizers so it doesn't dry out your skin.
  • The wipes smell awesome.
  • The wipes are super sturdy and can handle tough jobs.
  • The wipes come out of the dispensing lid easily.  You don't get a bunch coming out at once or your top wipe falling back into the canister.
Cons of Softy Sanitizing Wipes
  • The only problem with the Softy Sanitizing Wipes is that the canister is so big!  Not that this is a bad thing, because honestly, the more Softy wipes, the better.  However, I think the company should offer different sizes so they can be more portable.  I'd like a little container to go in my car/purse/son's lunchbox.  

Do I recommend these?  Definitely.  These have got to be the best, most ultimate cleansing/sanitizing/multi-purpose wipe that I've ever used.  It does a great job cleaning while not falling apart, the fragrance is just delightful, and it really holds and traps dirt.  With a flu season that is this out of control, you are going to need something that can handle the job.  These are a must have, and I am going to be a permanent customer.  These are that good.

Are you wanting to get your very own canister of Softy Sanitizing Wipes?

For further information, please visit Softy on:

DISCLAIMER:  I received the product mentioned above complimentary for review and testing purposes. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.  All opinions stated above are solely mine, and have not been influenced in any way.  I am disclosing this information in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

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