06 December 2014

Litter Genie

Recently, I was sent the new Litter Genie to test out with my cat. This is really nice, and it works good. It doesn't look ugly sitting next to the litter box, it kind of matches any decor. I don't smell anything when I use it. I like that there is a little side holder for the scoop. I've always had a problem in the past with finding a good place to put it. 

What don't I like?

 Well, the Litter Genie gets dirty easy from the litter dust. I've been dusting it off every other day or so. The refills also don't last super long, and if you run out, that's it. You have to go buy some, so it may be a little of an inconvenience if you didn't know you were on the last leg of the refill. However, the refill bags are really, really strong and can hold a large load. 

I still love this, and I'll deal with the slight disadvantages because it sure beats using a Walmart bag with an unnoticeable hole in it and having litter fall out all the way to the trash can. ;)

I received a free sample from Crowdtap and Litter Genie.

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