23 November 2014

..::Subscription Box Review::.. Paper Pumpkin ~ November

My Review of the November Paper Pumpkin Subscription Box

What is it exactly?

     From the website. . .
"Each month a fully designed project kit arrives in a delightful box filled with stamps, ink, and paper—everything cut and ready to go so you can skip to the fun. Just think of it as creativity in a box."


I was sent the November box from Stampin' Up to review.  

The price for a 1-month subscription is $19.95.  A neat quality about Paper Pumpkin is that you can increase the number of kits per month.  If you are having a crafting party, you can order one kit per attendee in the same master order.

Packaging & Presentation of the November Paper Pumpkin Subscription Box

I was pretty excited to come home and see a little red Paper Pumpkin box sitting in the mailbox!  The exterior box is red and baby blue, and it is small enough to fit into a standard mailbox.  The side of the box says, "You're moments away from your escape..." and the bottom of the box is labeled 'Stampin' Up'.

When I opened the box, I was introduced to a tissue paper wrapped box of goodies (sealed with a cute Paper Pumpkin sticker!) with a subscription introduction pamphlet.  The inside of the box also completed the statement from the exterior with, "...Run away with me."

The first layer of unwrapping revealed this month's November stamp set (in this case Christmas), and a Classic Stampin' Spot in Lost Lagoon.

The final layer housed the actual November kit, 'Simply Snowflake'.

The main title sheet provides a quick run-down of what you need to do, and it also opens up for a few more detailed instructions.  What I like about Paper Pumpkin is that they also provide YouTube video demonstrations (view this month's above or click here) on how to create the months' craft.  It is a helpful assistant, one in which I used! 

My Personal Experience with the November Paper Pumpkin Subscription Box

After unpacking everything, I was certainly ready to start creating!  First, before anything, I unpacked the actual kit and sat down and watched the YouTube video so I got an idea of what I was supposed to do (I'm a visual learner).

First things first-- I decided to start with the greeting card.  I took one of the cards out and flattened the snowflakes using a wooden stick.  

Then I set up the snowflake stamp on the Acrylic and stamped the middle of the snowflake using the Lost Lagoon.

Next, you can go ahead and stamp your cover greeting.  You can choose from 'Merry Christmas' or 'Happy Holidays'.

The next step was to open the card and use the 'snow flurries' stamp and press that along the entirety of the topside.  You can use the included cardboard so you don't make a mess.

After that, take the greeting stamp and use it on the small white card stock square.

Then, attach the greeting to the card using the washi tape.  Add some rhinestones, and you are done with the middle!

Next, attach the adhesive dots to the white snowflakes and place them under the flaps on the front of the card.

Cut 24" of string...

...and wrap it around your card.  Then tie a bow!  Trim off overlaying edges.

Punch out one of the blue snowflakes and attach it to the envelope using an adhesive dot.

Finally, you have your beautiful card set!  This kit makes 8 cards.

But that's not all!  This kit came with two projects!  The next project is for 8 gift handmade gift tags.  The first step is to find a blue tag and punch out all the letters.

Next, stamp the white tag using your To/From stamp, and add some washi tape about 1/4" from the bottom of the tag.

Stamp your blue tag using the 'snow flurry' stamp alongside the bottom edge.

Add a rhinestone to the middle of a silver snowflake.

Attach a hole reinforcer to the tag, and then add the snowflake to the top left.


Cut 10" -  12" of string.

Run it through the tag, and then tie a knot, connecting both the blue and white tag components.

...now you are all done!

Pros of the November Paper Pumpkin Subscription Box
  • Everything is included.  There is no need to run to the craft store for anything that you may have forgot.
  • Each month brings a new craft, right to your door.
  • The crafts have detailed instructions including video instructions.
  • Great family crafts.
  • This box was fantastic.  It was so much fun.  I can't wait to finish all of the cards so I can use them for this season!

Cons of the November Paper Pumpkin Subscription Box
  • I think that this kit was great, but some people may only be interested in making one of the crafts.  Maybe Paper Pumpkin should have an online store on their website allowing customers that subscribe to pick for a reduced rate, or choose both.
  • It would be so awesome that if Paper Pumpkin did decide to open an online shop to sell previous kits at a reduced rate.

This box was great!  I like it better than last months.  This one required a lot more time, but the end project was beautiful.  Both projects, in fact!  I love making things handmade, but sometimes I lack the 'creative thinking' aspect of it all.  That's why Paper Pumpkin is great.  They get me past that step.  I highly recommend this subscription.  I can't wait for next month's box!

Are you wanting to get your very own Paper Pumpkin Subscription Box by Stampin' Up?


For further information, please visit Paper Pumpkin on:

DISCLAIMER:  I received the product mentioned above complimentary for review and testing purposes. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.  All opinions stated above are solely mine, and have not been influenced in any way.  I am disclosing this information in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

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