22 November 2014

How I Refresh with Resource Water

About a year ago, I went into the local gas station/convenient store and I found something called Resource Water.  I've always been  a water drinker, so I'd get a bottle every now and then if I ran out.  

Usually I go for the Smart Water, but I was checking out the Resource Water at that time.  Why?  Well, the bottle looks cool.  But that's not it!  It is enhanced with natural electrolytes to switch the taste up from normal water.  The bottle is also made with 50% recycled plastic, and is recyclable itself (and has a CRV if you live in California!).

I've been buying it quite a bit ever since then. It's affordable, and I like it.  

What's awesome is that when I opened my Moda VoxBox from Influenster, I had a bottle in there to 'test'.  I was excited because I already knew that I loved it, and I can share my opinions about it.  

I drink it a lot, from when I go for a jog, to an early morning energizer, and even during the night if I'm thirsty.  It's really delicious!

It's bottled from Frontier Springs located in Bangor PA!

Disclaimer:  I received a sample of Resource Water for testing and review purposes.

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