18 November 2014

Folgers Flavors Sampling

The new Folgers Flavors-- a way to enhance your coffee experience.

I was pretty excited to try them (all except the Hazelnut, I'm not a fan of that flavor!).  

I tried three of them (the vanilla, mocha, and caramel).  They were not strong, and they did not take the bitterness from the coffee.  They did add flavor, though.  I would recommend adding a little cream and sugar if you like sweeter coffee.

My husband loves coffee, and he helped me sample these.  His favorite was the caramel.

Now, I do want to point out (MY OPINION) that these are not good for you.  There are artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives.  Please read the ingredients before you purchase them.

Disclaimer:  I was provided a sample for review purposes. All opinions are mine.

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