14 November 2014

2nd Annual Hidden Valley Ranch Feast

I just wanted to share a few pictures of my Hidden Valley Ranch party that I hosted the other day!

Everybody had a ton of fun!  We started the party with a bunch of awesome goodies:  ranch packs, ranch dip packs, dip cups, coupons, t-shirts, and a bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch dressing.

We tried a bunch of different recipes using ranch (other than the typical salad and chips).  

We had pizza--

We made homemade french fries--

We even experimented with a spicy, cheesy, veggie-ranch sandwich--

The baby was pretty upset that she didn't get a full cup of her own ranch.

I passed out coupons to everybody, and made everyone a goody bag!  We talked about recipes, flavor challenges, and how we can incorporate Hidden Valley Ranch into our holiday meals! 

Disclaimer:  I was able to host this party thanks to Hidden Valley and Crowdtap.  They sent me the complimentary supplies so I can get the word out!

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