13 October 2014

..::Product Review::.. Leather Nova

My Review of Leather Nova

What is it exactly?

     From the website. . .
"After getting frustrated with trying and testing the over-priced, over-marketed, low-quality leather care products, we knew there had to be more people like us in need of an innovative product that truly worked for all types of leather surfaces, regardless of what it was. This is when we decided to forge our own path and through our journey, Leather Nova was born."


I was sent 18 fl. oz Conditioner & Cleaner, 18 fl. oz Leather Cleaner Spray, and 8 fl. oz Leather Conditioner from Leather Nova to review.  

The price for all three of these products is $52.87 from Amazon with free Prime shipping, or you can buy each product individually.  The Conditioner & Cleaner is $19.95, the Leather Cleaner Spray is $16.95, and the Leather Conditioner is $15.97.

Packaging & Presentation of 
Leather Nova
I've been searching for a product line that specializes in leather cleaning for some time now. Most products that I have researched have been exceptional quality but completely out of reach financially; or they are affordable, yet have terrible reviews.

Luckily, a product line called Leather Nova exists.  It paints the line between affordability, and a product that actually works.

When my Leather Nova products arrived, I was happy to see that they each came with their own applicator.  The products were sealed in shrink wrap in order to hold in all accidental spillage during shipment.

After unwrapping them, I wanted to snap a picture of the application methods.  The standalone cleaner is applied using a spray method, where the conditioner & cleaner and standalone conditioner are applied using an applicator pad and squeeze method.

The first product is the Leather Cleaner spray.  It is made to be used on leather, vinyl, and plastic.  It's a no-rinse formula, and wipes away dirt and grime.  This is an 18 fl. oz bottle.

Secondly, there is a Leather Conditioner & Cleaner combo.  This is a squeeze-and-apply product.  It removes dirt and stains, adds shine and softness, all with a non-greasy finish.  This is an 18 fl. oz bottle.

The third product is a standalone Leather Conditioner.  This is also a squeeze-and-apply product.  It is a fast drying leather restorer that leaves you with a beautiful, non-greasy finish.  This is an 8 fl. oz bottle.

My Personal Experience with Leather Nova

For this review, I decided to use the Leather Conditioner & Cleaner combo on a pair of leather boots, and the standalone spray cleaner and conditioner on the driver's side in my husband's truck.

I started with the boots.

The first step is to take a damp rag and wipe the surface of the boot in order to loosen up any tough dirt on the surface.  

Next, you shake up the formula, and apply it onto the included applicator pad.  Then you rub it onto the leather surface and let it dry for 30-45 minutes.

 I let it sit on for about 40 minutes, and as you can see it really brightened it up!

Next, I cleaned and conditioned the driver's seat in my husband's truck.

All you have to do is spray the cleaner on the surface and wipe it down using the included microfiber towel.

...and voila! 

After you are done cleaning the leather, it is recommended that you condition it in order to restore and protect it.  Conditioning leather is super easy!

First, you squeeze on a small amount on the enclosed foam applicator.

Next, you apply a thin coat onto the surface and massage by using a circular motion.  Then you allow it to dry for 1 hour.

After one hour, buff out any excess conditioner with a dry microfiber cloth.  You are left with a beautiful, non-greasy seat!  It is recommended that you use these products once a month for ultimate protection.

Pros of Leather Nova
  • Easy to use.  
  • 100% non-toxic!
  • Applicators come with the product -- no need to purchase as a side item.
  • The effects last one month, longer than many competitors' products.
  • Works on a multitude of household items.

      Cons of Leather Nova
      • Fragrance.  I'm not keen on the smell of these products.  You cannot actually smell it on the product, but as I was applying it I smelled it out of the bottle and on my hands.
      • You have to set aside time to apply.  Not necessarily the cleaner, but if you want to condition the seats in your vehicle, you have to wait an hour for it to dry.

          Out of all the products I've previously used for leather maintenance, Leather Nova has been my favorite.  It was easy to apply, but the wait time was kind of long.  The result was phenomenal, and I look forward to reapplying next month!  This set would make an excellent gift for Christmas.  Personally, I have a few people on my gift list that are a bit difficult to buy for, but Leather Nova would be the perfect fit!

          Some ideas for things that it can be used on:  purses, couches, vehicles, furniture, clothing, gloves, saddles, jackets, footwear.


          Are you wanting to try Leather Nova, too?  Click the link below, and order away!  


          For further information, please visit Leather Nova on:

          I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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