18 October 2014

..::Book Review::.. Into the Canyon by Michael Neale

My Review of Into the Canyon by Michael Neale


Into the Canyon is a book that gives insight about the love and forgiveness that one person can have for others.

This book highlights the compassion a person can have, even when life just doesn't seem fair.


The story begins with a stranger, Jacob Fielding, and his admission of being a failure in almost every aspect of his life.  

Jacob Fielding has everything that this world has to offer.  Everything except the trust of his family, the love they have to offer, and the sense of harmony with the natural world.

During a short time in the airport, Jacob met a man named Gabriel Clark.  Gabriel told him his story and it captured Jacob.  

Since Jacob lost everything he held dear to his heart, years later, he ventures from New York all the way to Colorado to seek out Gabriel Clark for a piece of mind. 

Gabriel helps Jacob find the peace he needs in his life, and shows him just how blessed his life truly is.

My Personal Review

Into the Canyon is a different kind of book.  It is a work of fiction, but the lessons learned are definitely applicable in real life.  

As I followed Gabriel's story-- a story of life, loss, and forgiveness, I became in touch with many feelings that I have internally that bear weight.

The book is told in two settings. The first setting is the conversation between Jacob and Gabriel in late 2012.  The second setting is Gabriel Clarke's story, the story that captivated Jacob.  This setting took place in early/mid 1970's.

There are many times during this book that I felt like I was well within the story. Sort of like I was sitting next to Gabriel and he was speaking directly to me.  

I usually fall victim to crime and mystery novels, so since I was given an opportunity to review Into the Canyon, a whole new niche opened up to me. 

I never knew (nor understood) how a work of fiction could mean so much as applied to everyday life.  The characters were so real and can relate to many people in my everyday life.

In the end, not only did Jacob understand how love and redemption can be a saving grace, but I did, too.

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