24 September 2014

..::Product Review::..Bulu Box ~ September

My Review of the September 2014 Bulu Box

What is it exactly?

     From the website. . .
"Bulu Box is the best way to discover health, nutrition and weight loss products. Each monthly sample box is filled with 4 to 5 premium products selected to help you feel your best. Look forward to a new mix monthly for both women and men that include: vitamins, weight loss, energy, protein, digestion, sleep support, fitness DVDs, healthy food utensils and more."


Bulu Box recently sent me their new September subscription box.  This box included the following:  Hercules Multi Vitamin, KPAX Energy, Calsura, Natrol NuHair, Ridgecrest ClearLungs Chest Rub, and Coromega Be Bright Superfood Oil.

The Bulu Box is very, very affordable at $10/month, with free shipping!  You can also sign up for 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month subscription, and can cancel at time.  It's as easy as that!

Packaging & Presentation

 As I opened my mailbox, I was excited to see this little orange box sitting inside.  Measuring 12" x 8", this box packs a bunch of goodies!  Clearly, one can see that it is, indeed, the Bulu Box.  What you see below is a picture of the exterior box. On the bottom was the shipping label, and the rest of the box is covered with encouraging quotes.  Interesting!


The inside of the box was just as outstanding!  First, I do want to point out that this box was easy to open. That's always a plus!  Inside, there was orange tissue paper covering up the samples. I set everything up so you can get a good look!


My Personal Experience with the Bulu Box

If you know me personally, you would know that I love learning about nutritional products, and living a healthy lifestyle.  This is what naturally attracted me to the Bulu Box.  Sometimes, I walk around stores and see a bunch of products I like, but they are so expensive!  The Bulu Box is a great way to be able to sample premium products at a low price.  Here is the close-up:

September Bulu Box Goodies

The first product that I sampled, is a multi vitamin made by Hercules.  These multi vitamins increase immune response and provides a burst of cellular energy.  I received 2 packs of these, and I liked them! I take a multi vitamin everyday, so I know what I am looking for.  What didn't I like?  The sample pack wasn't properly labeled.  If I didn't do my research, I would have no idea what I was putting in my body.  30 servings costs $36.99.

Secondly, we have the KPAX Energy sample pack.  This pack came with 2 tablets, and was properly labeled.  This supplement is intended to give you that 'pick me up' during the afternoon when you feel yourself dragging along.  It uses vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, and a little bit of caffeine without and sugars, artificial tastes, or sweeteners.  Since I do not normally ingest caffeine in any form, I consider myself pretty sensitive to it.  I sampled this as part of the review, and it certainly works!  I can't say that I would purchase this again though, since it does not fit into my dietary needs.  60 tablets cost $44.95.

The third sample is a product called Calsura.  These tablets dissolve in water in order to provide you with maximum calcium absorption with a great flavor!  I am a vegetarian.  I try to follow a vegan diet as closely as I can, so I am largely concerned about my calcium, which I usually supplement as well.  These fizzy tablets were awesome!  They are inexpensive, and I looked forward to taking these.  The flavor I received was lemon lime, and I would love to get this flavor again.  It costs $13.99 for 16 packets of 2 tablets.

My absolute favorite product that came in this box is the Natrol NuHair.  It's a foam that rejuvenates your hair from the inside out.  It stimulates the hair follicles to thicken and strengthen hair.  It is a very lightweight product that can be used in any manner daily.  I also really, really like the fragrance of it!  It's for both men and women.  It is $24.99 for a 3.4 oz dispenser.

Next, the homeopathic decongestant.  Ridgecrest ClearLungs Chest Rub is all-natural, made with Chinese herbs and aromatic oils.  I love this sample!  I tested it out, and it was wonderful.  It's about the same as using the mainstream brands, but this is way better without any harmful chemicals.  I give this sample a high recommendation.  One tub costs $12.99.

Lastly, I was sent a sample of Coromega Be Bright Superfood Oil.  This is a super healthy oil that combines 5 superfoods in 1 product. The oils are:  chia, coconut, avocado, hemp, and black cumin.  You are supposed to cook with it.  So, I cooked with it.  I couldn't tell a difference when it comes to taste, but I knew that I was eating a healthier product.  I think you need to eat more than a little sample in order to find out how it works for you.  It's also non-GMO, and that is an outstanding quality to me!  This product costs $24.00 for a 10.6 oz bag.

I also got some pretty awesome coupons with this box!  I received a 20% off coupon for Hipssister, an awesome pocket for working out, and a free download of a yoga class.


Lastly, I also wanted to make note of the included sample journal.  It is a card that allows you to keep track of the samples.  For instance, it lists all the samples and allows you to fill in information about them as you take them.  It is a good way to keep track of what you like (...and what you don't!).  The other side lists information about all the included samples.


Pros of the Bulu Box
  • You get to try well known, expensive nutritional supplements, weight loss products, and more once a month without wasting a bunch of money (especially if you don't like it!)
  • Shipped directly to your door.  No going to GNC to ask for small samples, no ordering samples from numerous websites.  
  • There is a little something for everybody.  It's nice to be able to step out of your comfort zone, too, and try something you wouldn't normally purchase.
  • The sample journal is a nice tool to hang on the fridge and remind yourself to rate each sample for the rewards program.
  • It was awesome getting a full sized sample of Natrol NuHair!  I loved being surprised.

Cons of the Bulu Box
  • Sometimes a subscriber does not prefer products with certain ingredients.  It would be awesome if the Bulu Box website allowed you to create a profile that let you check off a list of common ingredients that you don't like.  That way they don't ship you samples that you won't use. 
  • Some of the samples are really small.  The Coromega Be Bright Superfood Oil was not even enough for me to formulate an opinion.  


This box was pretty neat.  I liked pretty much everything!  I wasn't so keen on the KPAX Energy supplement, though.  I also was a little disappointed with the sample size of the Coromega Be Bright Superfood Oil.  I was super impressed with the Natrol NuHair and the Calsura Calcium supplement.  I like being in the 'know' about the newest health brands coming into the market so I know what I like and what I don't.

I also wanted to let you know about Bulu Box's rewards program.  After you sample everything, you fill out a survey about how you liked it, and you get 60 points.  That equates to $6.00.  These rewards points stack up so you can buy the full-sized versions of your favorite products.  It's a pretty cool idea, and you aren't losing anything out of it.

Are you wanting to try the Bulu Box, too?  You WON'T be disappointed!  Click the link below, and order away!  

Use coupon code BULUGAN407 to get 50% your first box!!!


For further information, please visit Bulu Box on:

DISCLAIMER:  I received the product mentioned above complimentary for review purposes from Bulu Box. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.  All opinions stated above are solely mine, and have not been influenced in any way.  I am disclosing this information in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

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