10 September 2014

75% off at Rite Aid - End of Summer Clearance Finds

Typical me.  I go in for one thing, come out with 20.  But it's important to always check the clearance shelves! (That's what I tell myself). Anyway, check out the haul below.

M&M's & Starburst Candles - $0.49/each
Saltwater Taffy - bag for $1.00
Cotton Candy (my favorite) - $0.64/tub
Flip Flops (this brand lasted me all summer long) - $1.99 
Wind Spinner - $7.49

.... and the best part ...

My hummingbird Wind Spinner!  I have wanted one of these since I've seen them in Home Depot, but I wasn't going to pay $30-40 for it.  I found the same exact one at Rite Aid for $7.49.  I just had to get it!

Check out your local Rite Aid and see if you can find anything good.  This time of year always makes for some good clearance shopping!

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