15 August 2014

..::Product Review::.. Olfactif Fragrance Subscription Box

My Review of the Olfactif Fragrance Subscription Box

What is it exactly?

     From the brochure . . .
"Sign up to begin receiving monthly collections of three niche fragrances in deluxe-sized samples.  Wear each fragrance 15-20 times.  Learn about the talented artists and their fascinating stories in in-depth interviews.  Explore the compositions in smell guides, discussions, and more.  Each month, you'll automatically receive an $18 credit to put toward the purchase of a full bottle of a featured fragrance--an opportunity you won't find anywhere else."


Olfactif recently sent me one of their sample August subscription boxes.  This box included three (3) samples of their featured fragrances from the new Dame Perfumery Scottsdale.

Each deluxe sample is enough to last awhile!  However, if you particularly like a fragrance, you can purchase a full bottle on Olfactif.com for $65.00.  Of course with each subscription box, Olfactif provides an $18.00 credit to put towards your full-bottle purchase, which makes your favorite fragrance only $47.  (Read below for pricing on the actual subscription).  If you know a lot about perfume, you know that this is definitely an acceptable price!    As per the suggested use, you should take each perfume in the collection and try it on.  Let the perfume sit, because sometimes they need to develop over time.  Periodically, smell the scent and notice the changes.  Read the artist's story with your nose.  

The newest Olfactif Fragrance box

Packaging & Presentation

The box that I received in the mail was approximately 6" x 3.5".  On the outside Olfactif was clearly labeled, so I knew exactly what it was!  After opening the shipping box, I unraveled a little black box.  There was also a card sitting on top that explains the best way to explore each fragrance.

Outside Packaging

First look inside, including the instruction insert.

The actual box alone is impressive.  This is not a cheaply made product, you can tell that you are definitely more than just a customer to Olfactif.  Each item that I experienced is quality. 

Beautiful little black box, very fancy!

The last thing about the packaging that I'd like to point out is that the box is a slip-out.  You pull the little ribbon, and the bottom half slides out to reveal three (3) deluxe fragrance samples, each in their own cavity, with another insert placed on top.  

Slide box, including the description insert.

Three deluxe samples placed in their cavities.

This insert has two sides, the first side being the descriptions of each perfume, and the second side provides a little commentary along with where the fragrance is coming from (in this case, Dame Perfumery Scottsdale).  

My Personal Experience with the Olfactif Fragrance Subscription Box

Honestly, what's not to love here?  I am a fragrance maniac, so this box is right up my alley. Take a look at my personal collection:  

My personal collection - Shelf 1

My personal collection - Shelf 2

The box that I was sent contained the following fragrances by Dame Perfumery Scottsdale:
  • Pear, Waterlily, & Amber
    • Notes:  Pear, mandarin, lemon zest, waterlily, cherry blossom, honeysuckle, white jasmine, amber, sandalwood, musk, and vanilla.
  • Mate, Heliotrope, & Patchouli
    • Notes:  Mate, lime zest, aldehydes, heliotrope, iris, tiare flower, patchouli, and amber.
  • Verbena, Freesia, & Musk
    • Notes:  Verbena, kumquat, lemon, bergamot, freesia, orange blossom, day lily, musk, woods.

I used each perfume separately.  I wanted to make sure that I understood each individual note that makes up the vial.  I tried each perfume in the order that it was in the box.

Day 1:  I tried Dame Perfumery's Pear, Waterlily, & Amber.  Here is my interpretation of the notes I personally came across:  This was a strong, sweet fragrance.  I certainly noticed a flowery note.  The waterlily is what stood out the most to me.  This is a very happy, womanly scent.  I would consider this for an 'everyday' wear.

Dame Perfumery - Pear, Waterlily, & Amber

Day 2:  I tried Dame Perfumery's Mate, Heliotrope, & Patchouli.  My interpretation?  The patchouli was the strongest out of all the notes.  I would also consider it to be a strong, spicy, woodsy, almost masculine scent.  This is a fragrance that would boost your confidence, and also provide you with a glimmer of sensuality.  I would recommend this fragrance for such an occasion as a business meeting.

Dame Perfumery - Mate, Heliotrope, & Patchouli

Day 3:  I tried Dame Perfumery's Verbena, Freesia, & Musk.  This was the most interesting out of all the fragrance samples.  It was definitely strong, a little goes a long way with this scent.  I received the most compliments while wearing this fragrance compared to the others.  What makes it intriguing is that I noticed a spicy, yet flowery note.  I like the bergamot, I have never experienced it in such a way as this fragrance reveals.  I would classify this specific fragrance as a 'date night' perfume.

Dame Perfumery - Verbena, Freesia, & Musk

I definitely enjoyed the perfume collection.  I also loved reading the Q&A from Jeffrey Dame of Dame Perfumery Scottsdale.  It was great being able to place a face and a personality to a fragrance line.  I really like the fact that Olfactif goes above and beyond other companies by providing such in-depth material. 

I let the fragrances soak into my skin, and enjoyed the effects as it changed with my body chemistry.  There is definitely a time development, and the longer they stayed on, the better the fragrance became.  Out of the three, my favorite was the Pear, Waterlily, & Amber.  I'm not much for a floral fragrance, but Dame Perfumery Scottsdale really put a twist on a classic. I'd consider this as a signature scent.  My second favorite was the Mate, Heliotrope, & Patchouli. I liked it, but I do not have very many places that would be occasion enough to wear it.  Lastly, my third favorite was the Verbena, Freesia, & Musk.  I wasn't a complete fan of this one.  The musky undertones were a bit strong for me, and it was overpowering in general.  It did provide an interesting experience, but I would not consider buying that one.

Pros of the Olfactif Fragrance Subscription Box
  • Quality. From the packaging to the product placement, Olfactif provides nothing but quality.
  • Consideration.  The customer is more than a monetary resource, they want you to explore and relish their products.
  • Olfactif not only introduces you to new scents, they bring the company to you. They provide you with detailed information on their website so you can get to know the background of the fragrance.
  • The Olfactif website allows you to buy a single version of the perfume that you fall in love with.  They even provide you with an $18 credit each month.  
  • Subscription service.  What more can I say?  Only the best, quality fragrances that are handpicked are delivered right to your door.  No more standing at the department store smelling loads of fragrances, or blindly ordering scents online.
Cons of the Olfactif Fragrance Subscription Box
  • Selection.  Sometimes you may get a fragrance that you don't necessarily like.  Or perhaps you may not like all three of them.  It's a risk that some may not be willing to take.  I, on the other hand would.  I love surprises!
  • Price.  It's expensive, but also consider the quality behind the products.  This is not a $3 one ounce bottle of perfume.  This is the real deal.  At $6 per deluxe sample, you are getting the latest and greatest from perfume artists.
  • Although my favorite, the Pear, Waterlily, & Amber was the fastest fragrance to dissipate.  The sillage was excellent at first, but the longevity dwindled after about 35 minutes.
  • Only one featured artist.  I wish that Olfactif would incorporate a few different fragrances from different collections in order to experience different curves.

This subscription box has been my favorite so far.  It was long awaited, and I am very happy that I was able to review it.  I learned a lot through the exploration of these fragrances.  One month of subscription to the Olfactif Box is $18.  You can also choose other options, which will lower your final price.  Make sure you click the links below to find out about Olfactif for yourself, and be sure to order a box. You can cancel anytime, worry free.

Are you wanting to try the Olfactif Fragrance Subscription Box, too?  Click the link below, and order away!  


For further information, please visit Olfactif on:

DISCLAIMER:  I received the product mentioned above for free from Olfactif. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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