27 August 2014

..::Product Review::.. Influenster Vitality VoxBox

My Review of the Influenster Vitality VoxBox

Today I wanted to take the time and review the contents of Influenster's Vitality VoxBox.  I was pretty impressed with the contents of this box!  This VoxBox supports products that promote energy, good health, and caring for your body.

As a general overview, the box included the following:
- Bikini Ready Energy Gummies
- Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future Caplet Serum
- First Degree Burn Cream
- Playtex Sport Fresh Balance Lightly Scented Tampons
- 18.5 fl oz Pure Leaf Real-Brewed Sweet Tea
- Softlips Cube in Pomegranate Blueberry

Please continue reading for a review of each product in the Vitality VoxBox.

The first product is the Bikini Ready Energy Gummies by Inergetics.  I was not a fan.  There is too much caffeine, and I do not intake caffeine in any form.  I was hoping these were nutritionally backed supplements that helped during workouts.  I tried them as part of the test, and I was jittery for about 5 hours.  It was a pretty bad experience, and not something I would purchase in the future.  They are $14.99 for 50 gummies.

Next, we have the Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future Caplet Serum.  This was incredibly awesome! The use is for skin brightening, anti-aging, and provides a barrier that supports ceramides in your skin.  The application is smooth, light, and has somewhat of a lotion smell.  You apply it before you apply your moisturizer.  I'd buy this again if given the opportunity.  This is $60 for 1 oz.

The next product is First Degree Burn Cream.  Believe it or not, I actually burned my hand from falling on a few pieces of gravel outside (I actually skidded on it, my clumsy self!). I really liked it.  It is homeopathic, which is always a plus!  It is also good for deep or puncture wounds, animal bites, serious burns, and existing infections.  The application was easy. The only thing I wasn't crazy about was that it was a bit greasy, and I felt residue 10 minutes after application.  Although, I don't know many burn creams that aren't greasy. I will keep this stocked up in my first aid kits.  I really did like this product.  This is $5.97 for 0.75 oz.

The fourth product is the Playtex Sport Fresh Balance Lightly Scented tampons.  I have not had the chance to use them (haha), and I probably would not go into detail if I had, but but I did take one out to inspect it.  I've actually bought these before, so I am going to say they are quality enough for me to make this a routine purchase.  They are affordable at $3.97 for 16 tampons.  

The fifth product is my least favorite. It is he Pure Leaf Real-Brewed Sweet Tea.  First, let me point out the good aspects--  there are no preservatives, and no added colors.  To me, that's all it has going for it.  I absolutely hate sweet tea, so I was probably a little biased going in to the review.  My husband likes sweet tea, so I gave him a swig, and he said it was alright. I will not buy this again.  Its price varies, but the least expensive I found was $1.58 for an 18.5 fl oz bottle.

Lastly, we are moving on to my favorite product in the entire box. The Softlips Cube.  This is the most amazing lip balm ever! It is 5-in-1 (hydrates, replenishes, smoothes, protects, and adds shine).  It is also SPF 15, to make sure your lips are protected from the lip-damaging sun.  I was sent the Pomegranate Blueberry flavor, not a flavor I'd usually gravitate towards. It was surprisingly good, though!  I was also sent (2) $1.00 off coupons good towards my next purchase of the cube. It is $3.49 for the cube.

Disclaimer:  I received the aforementioned products complimentary from Influenster in my Vitality VoxBox for testing and review purposes only.

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