04 August 2014

Don't Be Another Statistic

      Look. I'm still hearing these stories about people leaving their kids in a hot car. Forgetting about them. Leaving them to die a hot, painful, and prolonged death. I've read ENTIRELY too many of these stories, and they keep coming. Enough is enough. 

      It is sad. It disgusts me. But--I have a simple solution. Mostly everybody wears shoes, right? 

     Get this-- when you put your children in the back seat of your vehicle, put your left shoe back there with them. That way, when you get out of your car, and only have one shoe on, you will be forced to retrieve it from the backseat and (wah-la!) you happen to find your kid back there.

      No more 'forgotten' kids.

      IF you are one of those who choose not to wear shoes while driving (it is a myth that it is against the law), put something else that is essential back there. A cellphone, your purse/wallet, whatever.

     By doing this, you are a responsible parent. A parent that cares enough to take that extra step to ensure your children's safety. No more excuses, no more child-hot-car-deaths. It's time to put a stop to this once and for all.

     You don't want to be the next news story; our children deserve better than this.

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