26 July 2014

..::Product Review::.. Graze Box - July 2014

My Review of the July 2014 Graze Box

What is it exactly?

Graze is an online snack store where you can order healthy, delicious snacks online and have them shipped to your door.  There are over 90 recipes that you can choose from, and Graze handpicks a box that is inspired by your choice of recipes.  They put 4 of your snacks into a box, and ship them out to you!


I've recently had the pleasure of receiving the July 2014 Graze Box!  I paid NOTHING for this box, with a first-timers coupon code, and it was free to ship.  Usually this box costs $6.00 with free shipping, and is sent out biweekly.  Therefore, it is $12.00 per month for these delicious goodies.  Please read on . . .

Packaging & Presentation

Wow!  To be honest, I forgot I ordered my Graze box.  It was until today when I opened my mailbox that I was thrilled to see it in there!  The outside packaging was held together well with some plastic, and it was easy to open with perforations.  As soon as I got it, I opened it up, and saw 4 little tubs that were clearly labeled, and each in it's own cutout.  There was also a nice pamphlet inside, telling me about the contents and their nutrition information.  

First view of July's Graze box
Contents of July's Graze box

Since I was able to customize the contents of my personal Graze box, I knew that there would be delicious snacks that I knew I would like.  Just by looking at the content labeling, I was excited to give each one a taste test.  Here's the rundown of the contents:
  • Cheese & Chive Oatbakes
    • Wholegrain oatbakes with caramelized onion marmalade
  • Brownie Flapjacks
    • Rustic rolled oat flapjack with brownie pieces
  • Triple Berry Smoothie 
    • Mini strawberries, blueberries, cranberries, and banana
  • Salted Fudge & Peanut Cookie
    • Salted peanuts, redskin peanuts, vanilla fudge, and mini chocolate cookies
Cheese & Chive Oatbakes
TASTE TEST RESULTS:  Eh, not my favorite.  The oatbakes were good by themselves, as they had a lot of flavor.  The caramelized onion marmalade?  I was confused.  It was sweet with onions in it.  I don't think the two compliment each other, in my opinion.

Brownie Flapjack
TASTE TEST RESULTS:  Delicious!  As you can see in the picture, I ate one, and I gave another to a friend.  We both agreed that they are exquisite!  Very sweet, granola bar texture.

Triple Berry Smoothie
TASTE TEST RESULTS:  Another good one!  This one has dried fruits, so if you are not a fan, you might not like this one.  Personally, I love dried fruits, and if you try each ingredient together, it really does taste like a smoothie.  It was great!

Salted Fudge & Peanut Cookie

TASTE TEST RESULTS:  This was my favorite of all 4 snacks.  I can't put into words how good it is!  I grabbed a handful and closed my eyes so I can really get into the flavors.  I was bewildered at how these flavors come together to make this!

  • The box arrived on the date the website said it would.
  • My box was perfectly customized, therefore I did not receive anything that had an ingredient that I didn't like, allergic to, or defies special dietary restrictions.
  • The packaging that the Graze box comes in is made out of recycled materials (this aspect is definitely a pro to me!)
  • You have the option to receive a Graze box every week if you choose.
  • Each snack is perfectly proportioned, and provides a variety of goodness.
  • Price.  At $12.00 per month, it is a little expensive for me to order on a consistent basis.  It would be nice if you could order only 1 box per month, and cut costs a little without interruption in service.
  • If you really, really like a snack, I do not see a way to order it online in a larger, single version.

The Graze box was a good one.  I subscribe to a few different surprise boxes, and this is my first 'food' box.  I was quite impressed with the presentation, as well as the taste.  I LOVE being able to customize my tastes, so I get to try new things, yet not be disgusted with ingredients of which I dislike. 

Please keep in mind that everyone's Graze box can be different.  When you sign up, you tailor the food choices to your likes and dislikes.

I'd rate this Graze box and the entire experience a 7 out of 10.

Are you wanting to get in on the Graze box experience?  Click this link, and sign up!  Your first box AND fifth boxes are FREE, and you can cancel at any time without any commitments!


Please visit Graze box on:


DISCLAIMER:  I was not compensated for this post, nor did I receive anything for free in lieu of writing this post.  I just decided to write this post on my own time and at my own accord.

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