29 July 2014

Toys R Us Deals - 7/27

My husband and I decided to go to Toys R Us this past Sunday to look for a K'nex Roller Coaster set.  Unfortunately, we left the store without the set, but we did get some pretty good deals.  We purchased these in Warner Robins, Georgia, and your mileage may vary, but it might be worth a drive to check it out.  Be sure to glance at the picture of the receipt below.  Here's what we got:

$9.00 - (Normally $59.99) - Skylanders Giants 3DS Starter Pack (Game & 3 Figures)

$1.05 - (Normally $6.98) - Skylanders Erupter Clip-on Change Collector - 10" tall

$2.55 - (Normally $16.99) - Skylanders Stow n' Go Case

...and the best part of the whole trip?  My husband won me this from one of those 'crane machine' games.  I love owls, so this was pretty awesome!

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