18 June 2011

..::Review + Giveaway::..Minnie Rose Lovgreen's Recipe for Raising Chickens (CLOSED)

Review / Giveaway – Minnie Rose Lovgreen’s Recipe for Raising Chickens

What is it exactly?

From the website…
"...In 1912, a young English country-woman named Minnie Rose Enefer booked passage on the Titanic, but fortunately then grew restless and sailed on a ship leaving earlier. Eventually she moved to Bainbridge Island, WA, where she married Danish Leo Lovgreen.  Together, with their 2 sons, they ran a thriving 170-acre dairy farm on Bainbridge for 30 years.
Minnie Rose, a chicken lover and gifted storyteller, had always wanted to write a book on raising chickens, but was always too busy.  Then in Nov., 1974, soon after her 86th birthday, she was diagnosed with cancer. Her friend Nancy Rekow took the ferry into Seattle, appeared in her hospital room with a tape recorder, and said, "Minnie Rose, now we're going to write your book." And they did..."


I’ve recently had the pleasure of reviewing the book by Minnie Rose Lovgreen, Recipe for Raising Chickens! Please read on . . .

Packaging & Presentation

This is a one-of-a-kind book!  It is a soft-cover book, present by an Independent Publisher. 

Ease of Use

It’s not everyday that I get to blog about my chicken hobby!  I have been raising chickens for a year and a half now.  It’s a cycle for me.  Every spring I get a batch of chicks and raise them until July/August.  At that time, I use them for the meat for the winter.  All fed organic, and well-loved!  They provide me with companionship, eggs, and I use their manure for my garden.

This book was simply amazing.  It is written diary-style, and contained so much information that Minnie Rose Lovgreen documented over her time raising her chickens.

I learned a lot about how to raise my chickens, and especially their ‘spirits’!

What is amazing to me is that the information that Minnie Rose Lovgreen noted years ago is still relevant today!

I have a pet chicken named Mary, she is a Bantam Hen.  There is a whole section in this book dedicated to Bantam Hens!

Recipe for Raising Chickens explains ways to keep your chickens happy at all times, that way they will provide for you!

  • Easy to read
  • Helpful for understanding your chickens
  • How-to keep your chickens happy
  • Provides economical ways of general chicken care


This season I have 9 Rhode Island Red hens that I am raising.  From this book, I learned how to make them a perfect nesting box, when and how much to feed them, and how to take care of the extra feed that gets stuck to their feet.  I had no idea that there was so much information contained in this book! If you raise chickens now, or are considering it in the future this book is a must-have to start your flock!

Ways to Order:  ($13.00)

  1. Directly from us, thru www.nwtrilliumpress.com
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Now . . . on to the GIVEAWAY!

1 of my lucky readers will win Minnie Rose Lovgreen’s Recipe for Raising Chickens for FREE!

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Giveaway ends July 2, 2011 @ 2359 EST

MANDATORY ENTRY: What do you consider to be an economical benefit of raising chickens?

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DISCLAIMER:  I was not compensated for this post, I received a free sample and wrote my review based off of the sample.  The opinions stated above are mine, and mine alone!


Angela England said...

I think one of the best parts about having chickens for us is that we benefit not only from the fresh eggs, but also from the natural fertilizer for our compost bin. Our garden is fabulous this year and I know it's from the rich amendments we were able to add.
ang.england at yahoo dot com

Miranda Ward said...

By far the Fresh Eggs! My family loves Eggs!


BethElderton said...

The fresh eggs are a huge economical advantage.
bethelderton59 at gmail dot com

BethElderton said...

My mother buys all her eggs from a lady who raises chickens in her yard. As a kid, much of my family lived in rural Louisiana and all raised their own food--including chickens.
bethelderton59 at gmail dot com

BethElderton said...

I'm an email subscriber
bethelderton59 at gmail dot com

BethElderton said...

I follow you on twitter as mbm218
bethelderton59 at gmail dot com

BethElderton said...

I'm a gfc friend
bethelderton59 at gmail dot com

BethElderton said...

This would be for me. Though we live in the city now, our plan is to move outside of town.
bethelderton59 at gmail dot com

debbie said...

I would say the fresh eggs would be nice.

debbie said...

I am a email subscriber.

nickandkatherine said...

The oh so fresh eggs would be an economical benefit for us. They are so expensive in the supermarket. Mind you, to feed 7 of us in eggs, we'd need quite a few.

nickandkatherine said...

I learned that Everett Thompson is a Methodist minister's son.

nickandkatherine said...

My friend, who also homeschools raises chickens.

nickandkatherine said...

I already subscribe to your e-mail newsletter

nickandkatherine said...

I like you on facebook

nickandkatherine said...

Following you on Twitter too

nickandkatherine said...

And following you with gfc

nickandkatherine said...

This would be for ME! I so want to keep chickens.

marybelle said...

Free-range eggs that taste better than sunshine.


Anonymous said...

the fresh eggs are wonderful but teaching my grandchild about country life, the food chain, responsibility, seasons, and the many wonders associated with life are better.

Knocked Up and Nursing said...

oh i want chickens so bad! I think the best part would be that we'd save so much money on eggs. we buy pastured chicken eggs and having our own chickens would save money!
knockedupandnursing at gmail dot com

Knocked Up and Nursing said...

yes, i have a few friends who have chickens!
knockedupandnursing at gmail dot com

Knocked Up and Nursing said...

I'd read the book!
knockedupandnursing at gmail dot com

jenblizzard said...

My Grandmother raised chickens for Food! I think in our economy now there are alot of benefits for raising your own chickens Health Reasons for sure!

jenblizzard said...

I learned that in 1912 Minnie Rose booked a ride on the Titanic but grew restless and left on a ship to sail earlier. How lucky or BLessed was she?

jenblizzard said...

I am a twitter follower

jenblizzard said...

My daughters father raises chickens but only for pets and eggs!

jenblizzard said...

Facebook fan
Jennie Moye

jenblizzard said...

Network blog follower

jenblizzard said...

follow via GFC

jenblizzard said...

This would def. be for me... We have about 50 acres and I have been wanting some chicks and goats!

carolpie said...

This woulld be great for my hubby! We call him the chicken and duck man cause he has both and LOVES them!
My married daughter and SIL always take off with our eggs and daughter hates store eggs now.

We find we cannot beat our eggs for flavor. If we had to buy eggs like this, first we couldn't, and second exceptional eggs would be very costly.
spencer1953 at gmail dot com.

carolpie said...

Yes, we have chickens, but there are always new things to learn.
spencer1953 at gmail dot com.

April said...

Having fresh eggs would be really nice.

Jim said...

Fresh Eggs


Kristie said...

The eggs with very minimal work put into getting them :-)

khmorgan_00 [at] yahoo [dot] com

sumn said...

I have always wanted to raise chickens. The idea of fresh eggs is very appealing.

Breanne said...

Growing up we always had a bunch of chickens as pets. A couple years ago my mom bought some specifically for eggs. They're still pets though not ever food!

bmweida at yahoo dot com

Breanne said...

My mom raises chickens. If I wasn't living in Hawaii/military housing I would definitely be raising them. I really miss having chickens and other animals!

Breanne said...

I follow you on Twitter @RazzMyBerry

Breanne said...

I follow via GFC

Breanne said...

I follow on Networked Blogs - Breanne T

Breanne said...

If I won I'd give this to my mom.

Lisa said...

Those chickens are super cute.