16 May 2011

..::Product Review::.. Deluxe Textured Craft Kit!

My Review of 1-2-3! Textured Products

What is it exactly?

From the website . . .
"...1-2-3 Textured Projects offers professionally designed early childhood education curriculum products that are hands - on and include different textural materials, colors and craft ideas. Whether you are simply looking for fun and educational activities for kids or are trying to develop your library of preschool resources, you will find our packs and subscriptions are just the ticket!.."


I’ve recently had the pleasure of reviewing 1-2-3! Textured Products! Please read on . . .

Packaging & Presentation

For review, I was sent the Spike the Snake Reptile Craft Kit. Included in the package was also a very colorful project catalog of all the other craft kits that 1-2-3! Textured Products offers.

Spike the Snake came package along with 3 different types of decorations to apply to the snake.

Underneath the craft kit, there are very simple directions that state how to use the product.

Ease of Use

My son and I always love doing crafts together! He was super excited to get Spike the Snake, because he is a snake lover.

Here, you can see the original snake pattern along with the 3 packs of decorations provided to accessorize the animal.

What I really liked was that the company sends a lot of pieces in the little packs. It is enough to complete any piece with lots of different options. Here, we received a pack of plastic-like flaps, shreds of colorful construction paper, and shimmering confetti.

Instead of using glue, we used double-sided tape to reduce mess. It worked great! We easily coated the original design with the tape, and then decorated it to our liking. Here is our finished product:

After the craft was completed, we really didn’t have a mess. Here is the results after our complete, mess-free craft:

You can try a FREE SAMPLE of 1-2-3! Textured Products! Pay $1.50 to defray shipping costs, and enjoy a 4 Colorful Fish sample! Please click HERE to check it out!


  • Inexpenisive
  • Offers monthly subscriptions
  • Lots of different options!
  • Great for daycare, or just a fun family craft!


1-2-3! Textured Products are great for everybody, from daycare providers to a family-time craft. Individual Activity Packs are inexpensive and always great to have on hand. The company also offers an option to have a monthly subscription, which is neat for a daycare! 1-2-3! Textured Products offers a variety of different types of sticker and craft kits to appeal to any type of child, ages 2-5!

Please visit 1-2-3! Textured Products on:

DISCLAIMER: I was not compensated for this post, I received a free sample of the product and wrote my review based off of the sample. This is a MamaBuzz review. The product was provided by: 1-2-3! Textured Products for this review. The opinions stated above are mine, and mine alone!

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