29 May 2011

The Husband is Posting

Hey Followers,
   My name is Trey Jackson, and I am Melissa's Husband. Melissa has no idea I'm posting on her blog, but I just wanted to stop by and say a BIG Thank You to her followers! She freakin' loves this Blog, and every single one of you guys/gals! I'd say her favorite things are product reviews, and especially taking pictures for them. Y'all have no idea how many pictures she takes, how many different positions she puts the 'Products' in just to get the right picture. Sometimes our son, Charlie, even helps! Even with our hectic schedules, her homework, and the dual-military lifestyle, she still manages to put 110% into her Blog 100% of the time. I wan't y'all to know that I appreciate all of you're support, and assistance that you all give her on a daily basis.
   To the companies that sponsor Melissa's Blog, I want to thank you all as well. From the Authors of the books she reads (She LOVES to read), to the campaign's and sponsorship programs that are given to her. It's all awesome, and I thank you for it!
   To the companies that have declined to sponsor her blog, I honestly don't know if any have, but you guys are missing out BIG TIME. If you want a dedicated, consistent, hard-working individual to give her 100% honest opinion about your product, Melissa is the way to go. Even if it's reviewing a paper clip, Melissa will dedicate hours to making sure she gives the best, and most honest possible review of it. You shouldn't even think twice about letting my wife work for you!

   Melissa just noticed that I'm being quiet, and is getting curious, so I'm going to move onto my Forums!

Thank y'all again! Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend, and God Bless!


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