14 April 2011

..::Product Review::.. Invisible Glass!

My Review of Invisible Glass

What is it exactly?

From the website . . .
"...Invisible Glass Premium Glass Cleaner was developed with two simple objecties: superior cleaning power and “invisible” clarity.
When you compare Invisible Glass to ordinary “blue water” glass cleaners, you’ll immediately see how quickly it removes even the most difficult grime, making glass virtually disappear.
Use Invisible Glass to clean windows, mirrors, windshields, and other glass surfaces at home, work, and play!.."


I’ve recently had the pleasure of reviewing Invisible Glass! Please read on . . .

Packaging & Presentation

For review, I received a trigger bottle of Invisible Glass, an aerosol bottle, lens wipes, and large glass wipes!

Ease of Use

Wow! I must say that I was mighty impressed with how well Invisible Glass works! It tops ALL OTHER BRANDS of glass cleaner. It’s really easy to use, check out all the ways I used it here:

First, I decided to clean my sunglasses with the lens wipes. The lens wipe is about the size of a moist towelette, allowing enough wipe for your entire frame. The Invisible Glass lens wipe left NO RESIDUE on my glasses, and I loved the way they turned out.

Next, I cleaned my sliding glass door. I had some major mud on it from my extremely large dog jumping on it. Invisible Glass did the trick. Look how nice the mud just wiped right off!

Finally, I used the Invisible Glass aerosol spray on my windshield of my car. This time of year is NOT made for cars. Pollen is everywhere, and it makes everything look terribly dirty. Here is a picture of my car’s windshield. As you can see, the awful pollen has made its home on my window!

Here, you can see that I sprayed the Invisible Glass on my window, it covers up over the pollen.

It worked perfectly! My windshield was really, really clean! When I picked my son up this evening from my friends house, I was so excited over Invisible Glass, that I cleaned her windshield, too. SHE LOVED IT!

After reviewing Invisible Glass today, this is by far the only glass cleaner that will be around our house. My husband fell in love with it, and we are arguing over who gets to keep the aerosol spray ☺


  • Best Glass Cleaner, in my opinion!
  • Priced right, can buy online or at stores (AutoZone, etc.)
  • Offers many different products for different jobs!
  • No soaps, foams, dyes, or scents
  • No streaks, haze, or residue!

You can buy the Ultimate Glass Cleaning Kit for $29.95! It includes:

  • Reach & Clean glass cleaning tool kit
  • 1 aerosol can of Invisible Glass Premium Glass Cleaner
  • 1 trigger spray bottle
  • 1 canister of Invisible Glass wipes
  • 20 individually packaged Invisible Glass Wipes
  • 1 microfiber glass cleaning towel
  • 2 packs of rain repellent wipes
  • 1 headlight restoration kit


Here is a step-by-step guide to getting the cleanest windows possible for your home, from the experts at Invisible Glass:

  • Start with the right applicator. Use only soft, clean, lint-free cloths or towels that are free of residual detergents and fabric softeners (these can streak glass). Avoid paper towels that contain streaky wetting agents. Some pros prefer to use crumpled newspapers.
  • Spray a thin coating of glass cleaner on the surface to loosen and dissolve dirt, bugs, sap and difficult, oily grime.
  • Gently wipe surface to lift and remove grime. First applications will remove the majority of grime but trace residues of solubilized dirt may remain. A second or third application with a clean cloth may be needed to loosen and absorb these trace deposits.
  • Clean both sides of the glass for complete, streak-free shine. Buff glass completely dry.
  • For cars, don’t forget to clean the windshield wiper blades with a clean cloth wetted with glass cleaner to renew wiper performance and prevent built-up grime from recontaminating glass.

Please visit Invisible Glass on:

DISCLAIMER: I was not compensated for this post, I received a free sample of the product and wrote my review based off of the sample. The opinions stated above are mine, and mine alone!

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Joshua Turner said...

That product sure is a big help for car owners! The autumn season can be harsh on your car’s windshield, particularly the falling leaves and pollens. It is best to take care of the car and clean it as regularly as possible. Also, check the sides of the windshield for hidden damage. Hidden cracks and dents can be a big trouble for your windshield if not treated properly.