21 March 2011

..::Product Review::.. PeeKeeper Dog Diaper!

My Review of PeeKeeper

What is it exactly?

From the website . . .
"...The PeeKeeper is an escape-proof dog diaper that solves the problem of incontinent dogs, male dog marking, dogs in heat and excitable or submisive urination. Unlike many other products that are nearly impossible to keep on, the PeeKeeper is totally nonslip. It has an adjustable harness and it won't slide off the shoulders like some diapers with straps just around the neck. It is more effective than a belly band and when worn by a male dog it will also prevent mating. Quite simply, the PeeKeeper is the solution you have been searching for if you have a problem with a dog that pees in the house!..."

I’ve recently had the pleasure of reviewing the PeeKeeper!  Please read on . . .

Packaging & Presentation

I received the PeeKeeper in pink for my female Red-Nosed Pit Bull, Julie.  She was the runt of the litter, so even at 4 months old, she is tiny.  I don’t expect her to grow very much more! For her, I had to get the Small 13”-16” waist, with a length of 16”.  The PeeKeeper arrived nicely folded, and I was really excited to put it to the test!

Ease of Use

With Julie, during the day she knows that she has to ‘do her business’ outside.  At night is when we have troubles.  I’ve tried everything.  Initially, we let her roam at night time, boy was that a mistake!  Since it was really cold outside, we had no choice but to crate her up at night.  She would mess her crate up EVERY NIGHT!  (I sized the crate right, to ensure it wasn’t too big!) It was awful waking up in the morning with a dog covered in feces/urine and a crate that was even worse.  It was my worst nightmare.  I was really excited when I got to try out the PeeKeeper, because I was on my last string. I’ve had enough of my share cleaning up dog mess everyday.  LET ME TELL YOU, the PeeKeeper works!  This has got to be the BEST PRODUCT on the market.  I’ve been using it for 5 days now, and she has not made a mess in the crate, or the house! 

Let me explain how it works.  First, there is Velcro to ensure that it is snug around your dog’s waist.  It is sort of like a harness, that comes up to latch on around the neck.  This stabilizes the diaper, making it almost impossible for your dog to escape from (unless you have a Houdini dog!) 

Next, there are adjustable clips where you can make it just the right size to give your dog the most comforting fit.  What I also like, is that you can put a maxi pad right in it to absorb the urine if your dog pees in it.  You can easily throw away the pad, and wash the PeeKeeper.  It’s wonderful!

Here are a couple pictures of how Julie sported the pink PeeKeeper (I know, she’s cute!)

  • Comes in a plethora of colors, suitable for you and your dog!
  • Escape-proof
  • Allows use of a maxi pad to absorb urine
  • Great tool to housebreak your dog


I was completely fed up with my dog, and her ‘messes’ at night.  Luckily, the PeeKeeper was my saving grace.  I’ve never tried a dog diaper, and for my first time, I can’t believe how great it worked.  For 5 days now, I haven’t had to clean up ANY messes, and Julie is learning to hold her business in until the morning.  I’m really ecstatic to share this information! Please try out the PeeKeeper for yourself, as this will be the LAST product you will ever have to buy to housebreak your dog!

PeeKeeper has kindly provided my readers with a 10% discount code, so you can try out PeeKeeper for yourself!  Enter ‘MB2B10’ in the coupon code box during the ordering process.  Hurry, as this code will expire on April 15! Please click HERE to go to their store!

Please visit PeeKeeper on:

DISCLAIMER:  I was not compensated for this post, I received a free sample of the product and wrote my review based off of the sample.  The opinions stated above are mine, and mine alone!


Tammy Nelson said...

I was wondering if you could show me what it looks like under their belly. Can you just spread it out and take a pic of bit so I can try and understand how you wrap them in it. I just can't visualize how it works or how it stays on. My male dog can get out of anything! LOL

His Royal Hughness said...

It is a good thing the reviewer received a free sample, because my experience with this product is that it is a waste of $40. It is heavily promoted as escape proof, yet my dog easily wriggled out of it each time I put it on, regardless of the manner in which it was adjusted. Far more disturbing, though, is that the company DOES NOT STAND BEHIND ITS PROUDCT. Once it has been used, regardless of how valuless it was, the company refuses a refund -- a wise choice that should save it lots of money if my experience is any gauge.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone provide me with a mailing address? I cannot contact these people. They have no mailing addrss or phone number on their site. I cannot get an answer by e-mail. These did not fit my Italian Greyhounds.

Anonymous said...

I bought one based on the size of my pup but after 3 weeks of waiting for it to arrive the pup doubled in size. So I returned it and bought another size up. I was hopeful, but all hope is lost. Not easy to put on, dog escapes like Houdini in 1 minute, nothing is there to hold a pad in place... Save your $40 is the point.

My name doesn't matter said...

This product is ridiculous and the customer support is even worse. My dog got her mouth on one of the flimsy straps and it basically fell apart. She escaped it in less than 5 seconds. She did not chew it, she bit it. She's only 15 pounds, and bit half through the strap, so they would not refund my money. The SurgiSnuggly is available on amazon for a fraction of the price, and is actually a great product, has prime shipping, and is backed by Amazon's usual free return shipping guarantee. The SurgiSnuggjly is a 5 star product.