02 February 2011

..::Product Review::..'Journey to You' by Steve Olsher

My Review of 'Journey to You' by Steve Olsher

What is it exactly?

From the website . . .
"...Selected by USA Book News as the "Self-Help Book of the Year," Journey To You has been described as "What Color is Your Parachute ? meets The Secret in 21st Century form. It is a life-changing and transformative book that empowers readers to identify, and pursue, the ONE thing they were born to do."  Journey To You teaches you how to powerfully shift from being awake to being ALIVE!..."
I’ve recently had the pleasure of reviewing Journey to You.  Please read on. . .


There are so many aspects to this book, it is super hard to sum it all up in a page! 

First, I would like to discuss where the author is coming from.  Steve Olsher was just like you and me.  An ordinary person.  If you read his About Me section, you shall see, too!   This book is for everybody, from all walks of life.  It is for YOU!

Steve Olsher had the drive to become somebody, and he did all he could to push through and make his dreams happen.

There is no difference between who Steve once was, and who he is now besides that he has made his life into what he wants it to be, and he found himself.  He knows what he wants out of life, and makes sure he gets it!

When I read this book, it was highly MOTIVATING.  It wasn’t pressuring, but it allowed me to see things with a different perspective.  I was able to see myself using my talents and putting them towards something that could effectively change my life. 

Here is what I learned:
  • I learned a lot about myself.  I learned that the mistakes I have made in the past can easily be building blocks for a future foundation for myself.
  • I learned that even though I don’t always agree with the changes in my life, it can always be translated into a meaning- allowing for future endeavors. 
  • I learned that I am a lot stronger a person than I thought I was.  I have developed a new look towards my inner-self, and I have set goals that I am determined to accomplish.  Both internally and career related.

You can buy the book HERE.

Or you can download a preview HERE.

Steve Olsher says...

Completing Journey To You will enable you to:
  •            Achieve fundamental change at the deepest level of your being—change that will embed within you and become inseparable from your thoughts and actions.
  •            Encourage your soul to soar by concentrating on the activities, interactions, and people that bring you the most joy.
  •            Uncover and eliminate self-imposed barriers you’ve unconsciously put into place.
  •            Reconnect with your true self.
  •            Leverage The S.L.A.P. (The Seven Life-Altering Principles). This will enable you to live powerfully with clear direction and focus.
  •            Identify your WHAT and establish a plan of action for achieving your natural-born greatness.
  •            Understand who you are and create at-a-glance reference materials that identify your life’s purpose and the motivating factors that inspire you.

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DISCLAIMER:  I was not compensated for this post, I received a free sample of the product and wrote my review based off of the sample.  The opinions stated above are mine, and mine alone!

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